My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Keeping Busy

My day started out with a hot shower.  As I was finishing up, I turned around to attach the shower hose back into the bracket and there was a big ole daddy longlegs crawling along close to my nose.  I stubbed my toe getting out of the shower to retrieve a kleenex and then stopped to yell at myself in the mirror to PICK UP YOUR DAMN FEET!

I picked up the kids to take them to school but Maddie needed to make a side trip to the corner grocery to pick up a "coffee."  Mostly milk I think. A very busy place that time of day and the coffee line was long as Hunter and I patiently waited in the car.  I've never really understood the popularity of all the coffee places we have EVERYWHERE.  I guess because I'm not addicted to coffee that much.  Don't even like Starbucks coffee as it's too strong and too bitter.  I probably could get addicted to the foamy sweet drinks they offer but who can afford that?  I already beat myself up when I break down and go thru Jack in the Box for a milk shake.  Now there's a drink!  I've always loved milk shakes.  And yeah, I shows.

I came back home and noticed a huge slug on my front porch.  I'd noticed  some slug marks streaking across that area and I finally caught one! Went to the garage to retrieve the slug killer.
Mailman arrived with a large box. I've kept him busy lately.  This time it was a lawn mower that blows bubbles for Jake's birthday and a ferry boat for Christmas.

Another box had a small clock I sent for for myself.  I like to see what time it is during the night when I'm in bed and this one is supposed to now be so bright that it leaves a night light. Also supposed to be easy to read across the room without glasses.  I have another clock radio with a clock sitting in the living room by the tv because my wall clock is behind me from where I have my recliner sitting now.  Only problem is this clock radio is very difficult to set and if we lose power like we did this week, it takes me forever to read the directions again to maybe accidently reset it.  I'm going to use my bedroom clock in the living room now and my new clock in the bedroom.  There.  Isn't that totally interesting?  I swear my blog is getting more ridiculous the older I get.  ha ha

I had to turn on the clean oven setting this morning and that meant keeping a fan going and the sliding glass door open.  Still smelled up the place and then I spent a half hour having to scrub the oven racks.  I was exhausted but happy when it was done.

Treated myself to a panini sandwich at Safeway. Turkey and Havarti heated. Man, those are good!

Mary sent me two pictures today. One of a pumpkin she painted and another cute one of Jake looking out the window.  Poor baby has been sick this week. They had to take him to urgent care last night when his temperature went sky high.  They put him on antibiotics but he's still under the weather. Thankfully, Mary and Andy have jobs where they can trade off working at home to be with him.

Look how tiny he is compared to that chair from this angle.

I've been kind of cold and kind of tired all day long.  Suspect it's going to be early to bed again tonight.  Sure had some doozy dreams last night.  Elephants (even larger than normal size elephants) were outside my window.  Then other wild animals and they were in jumbo size too. I'm going to have to look that up.

Here's the last of the pictures of animals realizing they're at the vets.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Saw this video on the Today Show this morning and thought it was pretty interesting....

I wasn't all that enthused about getting up this morning. That's one thing about the changing season...the bedroom is cold and the bed is toasty warm.  I've got physical therapy in a couple of hours so I'll probably do some exercises before heading in.  That initial first work of manipulating my shoulder around is a killer some days!

Now that I've finished watching all five seasons of 'Big Love', I've had to search around for more entertainment.  I put half a dozen movies and/or short musical programs into my queue but more often than not, I ended up deleting them again as they were just too corny for words.  I did watch a three-hour program about the Eagles band being formed and that was pretty good. Course I love the Eagles and always have.

I started rewatching 'Weeds' last night even though I've seen a lot of them already, I don't think I've watched all the seasons as there are 120 shows.  It will keep me occupied, for the time being.

Here are three more pics of pets realizing they're at the vet's office.....

 While browsing around on Facebook, I found this page called 'Child of Port Townsend'.  It had a lot of fascinating pictures and artwork by PT folks.  I especially liked this view of North Beach as I'd never seen it before.
Got an email from the P.A. Library yesterday telling me they're accepting my book for their shelves. Am hoping it might generate more sales eventually.

I signed up for on Sunday but I still wasn't having much luck delving deeper into the Holt family.  I need to find someone else who is working on this particular line so I can ID some old photos I have.  I "think" I've figured out one picture that I knew half the people in already.
My uncle Arthur stands in front; Aunt Velna directly behind him, and Aunt Elva peeking out on the right. Grandma Mae standing behind Elva holding Uncle George, and Grandpa Gene in hat directly behind Mae.  I "think" the little girl standing  next to Elva might be Gertrude Holt as she was born about the same time as Elva.  The woman on the left holding the baby is Bessie Holman Holt and the baby is George Holt. The two men standing behind Bessie I'm not sure of.  One may or may not be her husband (depending on who was taking the photo).  I thought the younger looking one, at first, was James but this picture was taken in 1915 and James drowned in 1908.  I'm pretty sure the guy with the beard in the back is George Wash. Vernon Holt, married to the older lady in the great grandmother, Mary Ellen Weatherly Holt.  The guy in the doorway in back wearing hat looks to be about the same age as my Grandpa Gene so that could be William Alfred Holt.  Sooner or later, I'll find someone who has this same photo and can definitely ID who I don't know.

I'm going to go back to working on Blankenship and Downs as that's where my main interest is, and I have a lot of questions I haven't been able to solve yet.  I happened to be looking through an old address book yesterday trying to recall a name and it was unsettling when I started counting how many people are no longer living that I have addresses for -- 36!

My front and back lawns are suddenly green again. Amazing what a few days of rainfall can do. Here are a couple of pictures Mary emailed me when they went to Eastern Washington for the afternoon.
Her boss opened up his "estate"  (meaning huge) and invited certain employees and their families. They had a great time, as did Jake.

Poor little guy is developing big knots and bruises on his noggin as he gets closer and closer to walking.  I'm kind of glad I'm not there to see his falls but I am anxious to see him getting around on two legs--and he's close.  Mary and Andy are hosting a birthday party ten days ahead of his first birthday to avoid the Christmas rush.  I bought him a little push mower that shoots out bubbles.

For Christmas I found this cute ferry boat with two cars that can be played with in the pool, bathtub or floor.  Speaking of which....I had another ferry boat dream last night. I've been having these for years but they're starting to alter a bit.  Last night my car was on board but I couldn't find it after I came back downstairs.  I know that means something as I'm always dreaming about losing my car or having it stolen or having it break down.  I wonder if these dreams would cease once I give up my car and decide I'm too old to drive.

Well, guess I'll go throw a few pills down my throat.  I'm taking various vitamins but once the bottles are empty, I may just stick with calcium and one-a-day.  Think I'll look for an allergy tablet too.  I wake up sneezing and stuffed up but am not sure if it's allergies or plain ole sinus irritations. I need to plug in my vaporizer on a regular basis. Only problem is, I had it near my ironing board the last time I used it and it got the board fairly wet.  I know.  Put down a blanket or towel, you idiot!

Friday, October 24, 2014


I didn't think I had many chores to attend to today but once I got moving, I discovered quite a few little things to keep me busy.....
changed sheets on the bed
cleaned out a bathroom drawer and lined it with paper
prepared vegetables for dinner (they're in a bowl of water in the fridge now)
made new hummingbird nectar (and they showed up right away)
baked a bread pudding
cleaned two toilets
played with my toys in one bathroom(this was yesterday actually)

brought in both trash bins at separate times and walked through a cobweb BOTH TIMES!

Is this gross or what?!  The huge web was from the fence over to my house and the first time I walked through it, I went in and  took a shower 'cause I felt so violated.  ha ha
Later, when I went to pull in the recycle bin, I forgot all about the web and walked through it again. This time I went to get my camera so I could take a picture of his house, which he (or she) made his way back to under the fence railing.  After I got my photos, I grabbed the broom and walked around the house looking for other cobwebs and such.

I also balanced my checkbook, paid a couple bills, wrote two letters, wrote a few emails, and did my exercises.  Tomorrow I may sign up for for a month and lose myself in family trees.

Watched Ruth Kvinsland's grandson, Robert, on Root Sports TV last night in a football game where Gig Harbor beat Auburn 42-0.  Robert is the star quarterback and will play basketball next. They even interviewed him after the game. I'm sure Ruth is busting her buttons with pride.  He sure is a cute kid.  And tall!

I tried to find something worthwhile to watch on Netflix since Big Love is over with.  I began with Kevin Bacon's show 'The Following' as it's gotten some press.  I may get back to it but I only watched for maybe 15 minutes and decided it was a tad too bloody and gory to watch that late at night.  I settled instead for a movie I'd never heard of called 'The Trail.'  It only had two stars but sometimes I like two stars.  Anyhow, this was about a pioneer woman who had to survive in the woods (and snow) after her husband was killed by Indians.  Throughout all the snow scenes, she had nothing on but a simple house dress.  Even slept on the ground with snow falling on her.  I knew right away this movie was lame but I do love snow stories about people surviving so I hung on until the end.

Then I watched a cooking show (The Pioneer Woman with Ree Drummond).  She's a bit sugary sweet but I still enjoy sitting there watching her cook with all these ingredients and cookware I can't afford.  Not to mention the energy she puts out that I couldn't work up.

Here's three more pictures of pets that discover they're at the vets..

And here's a fun video...

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Three errands today

I stayed up till midnight to finish watching the final season of Big Love.  Good ending cause it made me cry.  Now I have to look around and see what other gem is out there waiting for me.

I made a Walmart run 'cause I had to take my car in on that side of town for a free oil change.  Had a little time to kill so I browsed around just lookin' at stuff.  I don't usually do that as my back or hip start to hurt but I got a reprieve of sorts today so I took advantage of it.  Brought home a few groceries and one roll of Christmas wrap.  I've started to accumulate a few odds and ends in the back bedroom and plan to wrap a little over time from now until Christmas.  Cutting way back this year as we all have too much already.  Well, sorta.  The big things we'd all like to have are out of pocket range for most of us -- which is why I buy lotto tickets now and again.

Got a complimentary carwash and when I left to come back into Port Angeles, I didn't realize there was a new way to get on the highway.  I ended up turning towards Sequim and then making a U-turn.
Picked up Hunter at the high school 'cause Jenni had to take Maddie to a special dentist in Silverdale to see about getting her wisdom teeth removed.

I think I'm gonna' fix hot dogs and grilled beans for supper. Wanted something simple.  I already have a bit of a tummy ache so that meal ought to put me over the top and remind me yet again, that it's a good thing I live a solitary life.

Commercial just came on for Dr. Oz's next show about Tori Spelling trying to raise four kids and needing help in her marriage.  Ho hum...I guess that's one program I won't worry about missing.  I've noticed that Dr. Phil has changed his program a bit now and is becoming more Sally Jessie Raphael, Oprah, and Jerry Springer.

Watched a few innings of the World Series last night before switching to Big Love.  Was interesting to see the St. Louis fans all in blue.

Tomorrow is another physical therapy appt but not until 4:20.  I've set up another jigsaw puzzle at the kitchen table so I may play around with that off and on.  Mostly, though, I think I'll continue searching for Holt clues.

Here's a cute Hugh Jackman spot on an old Jay Leno show.  He's so talented.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Still surfing

Am continuing to cut and paste my various Holt notes to get them in some kind of order that I understand and so I can find who I'm looking for when I'm looking.  Decided the easiest way was to list all the children of each great grandfather and then to list all the children of each of those people.

My grandpa Lew Gene Blankenship had these siblings and I listed their children after their names. I've been working on these names off and on longer than any other families so I'm a little more familiar with who belongs to who.

Georgianna- Lola, John Lindsay, Inez, Ailene
Elizabeth –Chester Clay, Ora Blowers, Ray Summer
John – Juanita,Feral,Hallie, Ivan, John E.
Henrietta- Waible, James Eugene
Martha- Grethel, Thelma, Arthur
James- never married
Thomas - died young
Zadock -never married

Charlie? - whoever he is?
(Lewis Gene: Velna, Arthur, Elva, George, John, James)

My grandma Viola Mae Holt Blankenship had these siblings and I listed their spouses after their names so I could give each family their own folder listing children. (the only way I could figure to keep everyone straight until I get as familiar with the names as I am with my grandpa's side of the family.)

Alva Smith Holt                 1876-1934   m. Cassie, Laura Belle Kindig
William Alfred Holt           1878-1937   m. Bertha Fotland
Arlie Vernon Holt              1880-1943   m. Cecilia
Mary Maude                      1881-1905   m. Skaggs
Viola Mae                           1883-1938   m. Blankenship
George Albert “Bert”       1887- 1923   m. Bessie Holman
James Robert Holt             1889-1918  drowned in Chehalis River at age 19

Alva Smith:  children
James Robert b 2 Aug 1918 in Centralia                                      
Carroll Melvin b 25 Jan 1919   d 14 Jun 1995 in Washougal
Jesse James  b 1915, d 1981
Robert Franklin b 1920 d 1988

William Alfred:  children
Robert William                 1878-1937
Mildred Verna                  1902-1979
Edith Vernita                      1904-1978
Gladys Lucille                     1907-1997
Gertrude Christina            1909-1998
Thelma Matilda                1912-1998
Arlie Alfred                         1915-1979
Leland Stanford               1919-2010

Arlie Vernon Holt:  children
Kenneth, b. 1908              
William b 1911
Dorothy b 1913
Ellen  b 1920
Delbert b

Mary Maude Holt: children
Evelyn b 5 May 1901  d. 11 Nov
Inez  b 17 Sept 1904   de 1956
Norman b 15 Apr 1906  d 2 Jun 1981

Viola Mae Holt: children: Velna, Arthur, Elva, George, John, James

George Albert Holt (Bert) children:
George, b. 1915   may have died in 1970
Glen b 8 Mar 1917  d Jan 1977 in Raymond
Orin Glen b 22 May 1918   d. 25 Dec 1978 in San Diego

These children listed above were my dad's first cousins and this is the area of genealogy I want to research. I've met four of these cousins (all deceased now) so I do have some data to get me started. I'm hoping that I'll eventually connect with the children or grandchildren of these children, and find one who is into genealogy so we can compare notes.  Facebook has already brought me one who lives in Albany. She's the  great granddaughter of  Mary Maude Holt listed above.

And yes, I know this is all very boring but typing it up helps me get it straight in my head and gives me a reference to come back to.  AND.... if anybody starts researching these people and do a Google search, my blog will be in their hits and hopefully, they'll contact me.

Everntually, I'll probably sign up for again but for now, I'm going to utilize the free sites first.

Other news:  Went to physical therapy today.  It hurt, as usual, but I am getting some movement I wasn't getting before.  I'm hoping I'l finish up around Thanksgiving but it remains to be seen.  Did a little shopping afterwards...Big Lots, the bread store, and the Dollar Tree.  Also picked up a burger at Wendy's for lunch.

Tomorrow I'm getting my oil changed (no charge) and then I'll stop my Walmart to see if I can find some eyedrops besides Visine.  Got a super cute halloween gift in the mail today from Ann Robson in Issaquah.  I've got three whole objects for halloween decorations now.  Ann's cute pumpkin (which she made) has a weighted bottom. I love it. You can't really see how cute it is from this picture, though.
I'm into the final season of Big Love now.  Gonna have to find something else to watch pretty soon. I may get into Sons of Anarchy again. I've seen the beginning episodes but not the last couple of seasons.  I also might rewatch Weeds and Breaking Bad.

The only two new shows I've given any time to so far this season are Madam Secretary and How to get away with murder.  Madam is starting to wear thin with me already and Murder lost me with the last episode when they had two guys going at it hot and heavy.  I don't need to see that crap when all I want is to see a murder solved.  I'm no prude about sex scenes but I am tired of the soft porn.  I prefer the days of old when cigarette smoke wafted up from an ashtray, music played, a scarf fell on the floor, and you got to see what the weather looked like out the window.  Sex was better then.  ha ha

Got some cute animal pics in an email from Sandra Hartzell a while back so if I can remember, I'll post a couple each time I blog.  These are "how your pet reacts when they find out they're at the vets."

And here's a song I'm gonna sing when my physical therapy is done.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Working on the Holt side of the family now

I’ve been browsing around on genealogy websites to find more data on my grandmother’s side of the family, the Holts. I just looked up and discovered that lunch time was an hour ago and I missed it.  Hmmm…maybe this is my new weight loss program.  Ha!  I wish.

I’ve got quite a bit here and there on the Holts but I need to get my notes organized into a better reader-friendly mode.  I also need to see if I can’t locate some Holt relatives who might be able to help me identify old photos I’ve hung on to for several years.  My dad had them in a shoebox and said they belonged to his mother.  She died when he was 15 so I know I’m lucky these survived.

The surname of HOLT was a locational name meaning 'the dweller at the holt' from residence near a wood or grove.  I found Littleberry Holt’s bio kind of interesting because of his name. Never heard of someone called Littleberry before.  I’ll have to research and see where that comes from.

Littleberry Holt married Susanna Driskill.  Her mother (Lodusky Cobb) was a full blooded Cherokee. One of their sons, Larkin Holt, was killed by a Sioux Indian attack led by White Bull, brother of Sitting Bull, in an attack on US Army wagon supply train, Sept 1865, at the Powder River, MT.

Another son, James R. Holt, worked as a blacksmith and married Martha Stark. Her folks gave them 80 acres in MO but they eventually sold out and moved to TX to be by her brother, Isaac. James worked as a blacksmith but also raised cattle and traded in livestock. He moved back to MO again to be by relatives. He was in the Masons and was elected a county judge. He bought a hotel in Purdy, MO and while working on a ladder, a rung broke. He fell and punctured a lung and never fully recovered.

One of James and Martha’s sons was George Washington Vernon Holt. He was born in Missouri, and married Mary Ellen Weatherly, who was born in Nashville. Mary Ellen’s folks were Yancy Weatherly and Emily Jane Brannock. 

G.W.V. Holt and Mary Ellen had a daughter named Viola Mae who married Lew Gene Blankenship. They, in turn, had twins, John and James…and here I am! 

Attached is a picture of the farmhouse where my grandmother grew up in Oak Harbor.

And for those of you who don’t do Facebook, here’s a friend of mine at her retirement party in Port Townsend last Friday….Judi Robbins, beautician.

And of course, the latest on Jacob, who loved the pumpkin patch.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A relaxing Saturday ahead

Just cleaned up a huge tangle of wires here in my office/sewing room and it gave me a lot of satisfaction to know what I was doing.
I think I'll make a quick library run to see if they'll accept my Town Kid book on their shelves.  I reposted it on Ebay.  Check it out by searching for Port Townsend.

Got a cute morning picture from Mary ...... miss him so much.  This one is titled: What's for breakfast?

Into Season Four of Big Love on Amazon Prime.  Wish I had a tape of all the music they play at the end.  I'll have to work on that. I bet I could cut myself a CD if I studied and researched long enough.