My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

will the real JOANNE please stand up


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A big boat and a small mole

I'm still having to talk myself into it but every time I get back from a walk, I'm so glad I went. Here's a couple photos I took along the waterfront trail.

Lots of people on bikes, walking their dogs, and strolling along.  I'm still wavering on wanting to get a dog.  It will probably pass but I go through this every now and again.  Don't want a puppy; just want a small to medium sized dog that know to poop outside and likes kids and old people.  Ha!

Stopped at Safeway to pick up my Hit Five ticket and a handful of other items I needed. Filled up the car with gas and make a deposit at the bank.  Now I'm going to visit and see if I can dig up any good stuff on my g. grandpa's siblings.

Searched around on my Roku for radio stations and found a terrific one in VA that plays old country. So happy with it. And no commercials.  I'm always a little curious about things occurring in my life during the month of March. (and June)  Seems like significant events happen.  I hope my Hit 5 ticket
is in this equation. I could stand to win a big pot.

Watched Downton Abbey last night.  They seemed to tie up a lot of loose ends and now they won't be on until next year. Such a shame. I could watch that show every single night.

Who Knows This?

I don't really expect anyone to know the answer to this but I'm going to ask anyhow.  Had weird dreams again last night (or early this a.m.) and I can't help but wonder about the ole brain waves getting stuck in gear.  The first dream had me at my office job at the mill. I've had dreams like this in the past where I'm trying to finish a task and obstacles keep getting in the way.  I can figure out what that means (more or less) and I'll deal with it but am curious about this second one...

One of my jobs in "Service Squad" during my high school years was to help Mrs. Willestoft in the Lincoln School Building.  She was secretary to Neil Potthoff at the time.  Or was it John Kanaar? of the things I did for her (and which I really enjoyed) was to deliver art  & school supplies to whatever teacher had put in an order.

This meant construction paper, pencils, artboard, paint, crayons, paper clips, paste, etc.  What I can't remember is was the supply closet in the basement or on the main floor or on the top floor?  I'm thinking basement or main floor.  And did I get these supplies delivered?  I know I didn't pull a cart up and down those steps and there was no elevator, of course.

Sometimes there were a lot of things ordered so I can't imagine I would carry what I could in my arms and then go back for more trips.  I don't recall carrying a basket.  I know other girls did this job too so I'm hoping someone remembers.  How did we deliver all those orders?

I'm always puzzled by the things I wake up remembering from my dream world.

Monday, March 2, 2015

1st Monday of March

I woke up at 4:45 a.m. and felt completely rested.  There was no way, however, that I was going to start my day with a time that started with a 4!  I went back to sleep and had a few dreams and got up again at 7:30.  Those back-to-sleep early morning dreams can be unsettling.  I seemed to be back in my F Street house in PT again.  Every now and again, a dream takes place in that house.

Anyhow, I forced myself to get up and get moving.  Wrote a couple of letters and decided if I was going to go on my walk, I'd best get with it before I talked myself out of it like I did yesterday.  Starting out is usually pretty darn uncomfortable as my hips scream "We don't like this! Go home!"
Thankfully, though, it usually passes if I hang in there.  I walked around the neighborhood and decided to take a trail that heads to Jenni's house.  Since they cleared that lot, a trail has  been formed just to the left of all the tree stumps they left.  I was told they were going to clean out those stumps and make that lot nicer looking but I suspect that was a lie. It could be such a nice play area for all the kids around here.  Guess I'll have to put that on my to-do list when I hit the lotto.

Not that I'm playing the lotto much anymore.  I pretty much stick to Hit Five tickets.  They haven't been paying worth a darn, however, so I'm changing my system and am going to play the five numbers that were drawn on the night Jake was born.  Surely this will make me rich.  Ha Ha

Here's a couple pictures I took on my walk.  Totally boring so I may have to get in my car and go to another part of town for walking.
                          This was a tree in the middle of the walking trail I took to this morning.
This lot a house away from me (and full of scotch broom bushes) has become a four-wheel truck speedway for kids wanting to tear through the mud.  I suspect the owner of the lot (the guy who built most of the houses on  my street, including mine) is the one who had two large boulders brought in and placed at each end of the road going through the middle.  Wish he would clean up the scotch broom while he was at it!

Mary sent me the cutest picture of Jake with his "bubble" lawn mower helping dad mow the grass. It reminded me of another she sent me a few months ago when Jake loved watching dad outside.

I got this story in an email recently and thought it was worth sharing....

A famous Chinese wood carver chopped down a single tree and tirelessly worked on it for over four years to make this piece. It all started out with a simple tree trunk. The carving is based on the famous Chinese painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival. The original artwork was created over 1,000 years ago. The piece won the Guinness World Record for the longest wooden carving and measures over 40 ft 

I watched 'The Voice' last night and actually kind of liked it.  I had gotten a little weary of it 'cause I thought the judges were a tad too wrapped up in themselves.  Have to remember that just about everyone on tv is like that.  'The Good Wife' was boring.  Tonight I'll watch two hours of Downton Abbey and I know I'll be entertained.

Granddaughter Catie was flown to Utah by her dad so they could celebrate her sister's birthday.  She has two half-sisters and I'm glad they're all close.
                                                              Catie, Carol, & Audrey

Started a new book last night.  A Pulitzer Prize winner by Richard Russo called Empire Falls.  It looks pretty good.  I have a hard time sticking with a book and for some reason, it's been that way for  a couple of decades now.  I love books. I love to read.  I just can't stay focused.  I suspect the computer has contributed to that as I used to read constantly.  I'm not giving up, however.  I'm going to give a book 100 pages and if I'm not hooked by that time, I'm movin' on.

Gees, the day is half over already.  Sorta.  Think I'll fix lunch and tune in to  I finished up my g.grandfather's half siblings and now I'm going to see if I can find anything more on his full siblings.  Then I'll dig further on his children and their children.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Number Please....

Went running to the phone this early a.m. as no one calls me at that time of the morning.  Oh dear, it's Mary.  What could be the problem?  Is Jake okay?  I answer.... no one answers.
HELLO!  HELLO!  Mary  ...Mary...HELLO!  What's wrong?  MARY?  HELLO!

I hear babytalk.

Mary comes on the line.

Mom?  Oh sorry.  Jake got a hold of my phone and he must have called you.

Grandma laughs and laughs and laughs.  And heaves a sigh of relief.

Looking forward to the day when he actually calls to talk.  I love being a grandma!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Flowers in February

As I was pulling into Safeway parking lot this morning, I noticed this "homeless guy I think?" who had a light shirt on and was holding his arms like he was cold.  I wish I had had a jacket in the car as I would have given it to him.  Walked through produce first and just shook my head when I saw green onions were $1 a bunch.  Used to be 39 cents, I'm sure.  Sigh....  I bypassed ice cream and it's getting easier all the time as I think my "problem" has improved and I'm contributing that to dairy products.  Cheese has been the hardest thing to avoid although I did buy some yesterday as I have some dishes I want to make for dinner and they all require cheese.  I figure moderation is the name of the game but I'll still avoid ice cream, puddings, milk, yogurt, and cream cheese.  I fixed a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup for dinner last night 'cause I wanted something hot and easy.  I'm still standing.

Got a nice surprise as I stood in line behind this woman (about my age) who had over $200 worth of groceries.  As she was leaving, she handed me a bouquet of red tulips.  Not often standing in line is remembered as a nice time.  Made me decide that I'm going to pay it forward on a regular basis from now on.  The clerks were amazed too. Tulips have always been my favorite flower.

When I got home, I found this cute little pink bathtub and bear on my porch that Joy Bland had dropped off. I knew she was coming but I didn't think she would be there that early.  Such a cute addition for my collection. Thank you Joy!
Watched two movies from Red Box last night. 'Gone Girl' had me on the edge of my seat but I sure didn't care for the ending.  The story was full of twists and turns.  Excellent plot.  The second movie was a waste of my time.  I always check the story outline and reviews on IMDB before watching and "John Wick" had a fairly high rating.  Wasn't deserved in my opinion.  Nothing but killing one guy after another. Most shot in the face. Boring.  Starred Keanu Reeves and he really needs to do something with his hair!  Looked like hell!  He's aged a whole lot in the twenty years since Speed came out.

Sure is looking nice out there today. Especially compared to the rainfall yesterday. I plan on getting a walk in.  Maybe I'll see if Maddie will go with me.

Last night as I sat in my recliner, I kept hearing this buzz.  I'd pick up my phone thinking the settings had gone screwy again (it does that) but nothing was there and everything was as it should be.  On the third buzz I investigated more and discovered this big ole bee on the floor.  Wondered if he came in through the heat vent.  How could that be?  Must have come in when I went out to retrieve the trash cans from the alley as I left the door open.  I have noticed a bees nest under the top deck step that I'm hoping Hunter will help me get rid of. 

Anyhow, back to this bee...  I threw a heavy book on him and when I picked it up, he was still moving. I put the book back on him and stood on the book!  Picked up the book and he was still moving.  Went to find a shoe and put that on him and pressed with my hand.  He was still moving.  I finally grabbed two tissues, picked him up and threw him outside on the porch --where he was still moving.  I hope this isn't an indication of what I can expect with bees this summer.  Some years they're a real nuisance on my deck and I can't even sit out there.

I made a decision today and am hoping I can stick to it.  One of my morning routines is to turn on the morning news shows to see if anything interesting has occurred overnight.  It doesn't take any time at all for my irritation to be sparked by all the blah blah  offered on ALL the channels.  Local news is especially annoying. Especially the commentators. They're getting worse all the time.  I always end up turning on my Pandora Music channel or KIXI 88 AM radio via my Roku device through the TV. (can't pick it up otherwise as Port Angeles is too remote)

A lot of the time I can stomach the Fox channel longer than the others but they're gaining in my disfavor, as well.  None of my daughters watch the news and I think they've got the right idea.  I'm only letting myself get worked up and it's time to make a change.  The ads for the drug companies are clogging all the airways and when I have to hear all the networks making a huge story out of whether a dress is a certain color....well, enough is enough.  They're not going to be allowed on in my house anymore!  

Through the years, I've banished several folks.  If I hear their voice or a story about them, the mute button is pushed or the TV is turned off.  This list includes Obama, Donald Trump, the Kardashians, Justin Beiber, all the women of The View and the Talk, Miley Cyrus, Jerry Springer, Judge Judy, most of the Seattle news teams (the women more than the men drive me nuts!), Kanye West, Dr. Phil, and all audiences of Ellen DeGeneres, who go way overboard in their screaming.  We all know why--they're gonna' get free stuff, for crying out loud!

I need to eliminate sources of stress and I'm starting with my remote control.  I feel a whole new world opening up for me.  I just went outside to clean up some pots on the porch a little bit and took this shot of my little friends living under the steps.  Ick!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

One day in a row

I actually got out and walked today.  The waterfront trail downtown is ideal 'cause there are several benches along the way and I've found if I can sit down for even 30 seconds now and then, I'm good to go a while longer.  I stayed out for about 45 minutes.  Came across a group of young moms (strollers have changed sooooo much since my days of pushing children) and I took some pictures of them as they stopped to do stretching exercises on the way back.

Noticed a few homeless guys here and there too.  Younger gents but you could tell.  I stopped to talk to one as I had my Ipod plugged in and a song by Queen came on that I wanted to know the name of.
He knew it and I suspect he would have liked to talk longer as he asked me "what's up?"  And do I listen to Queen.  I told him no, I was more a fan of Bob Dylan.'

Noticed one house along the upper trail that I think I would sell if it was mine. Just seems so silly to have a house built on cliffs in an area where we can get heavy rain.
It is a beautiful view, though.  Not so much this morning as it was cloudy.
I took two more pictures on the way home. One while stopped at a traffic light of the Federal Building and another on 12th Street as it indicated spring was on the way.

I watched Dawn of the Planet of Apes on pay-for-view last night. It just "okay" but definitely better than that stupid Birdman!  I probably should limit myself to two movies a week since there is a lot of free stuff I can tune in on Netflix and Amazon Prime.  I did notice, though, that The Theory of Everything is available and so is Whiplash.

Woke up with a horrible charlie horse cramp this morning. Man, I hate those buggers!  Going to have to go out and buy some potassium and magnesium tablets again, I guess.

Jenni is going to scrapbook camp this weekend so I'll be picking the twins up at high school the next two afternoons.  Window guy is coming tomorrow to measure for the free replacement needed.  And that's about it.  I better get up and move around. I'm getting sleepy. And it's only 5:30!