My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay
In a city by the water...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Early Saturday

Woke up with a charlie horse cramp in my calf this a.m.  Suppose I'll always wonder why those occur and then go away for months on end.  I'll have to think on that.  Anyhow, it was 5 a.m. and I was very tired so I immediately crawled back under the covers and decided whatever will be, will be. I'm not ready to get up yet.  And I believe I was  asleep in less than a minute!  Probably because I'd had a little problem falling asleep when I hit the sack at 10 pm.  Whatever.  Who really cares?  Ha ha

I woke up again at 6 a.m. and was so stuffed up and had such a dry mouth, I decided --Okay, my sweet dreams are over with for now.  I had a long list of 'to-dos' anyhow and I was anxious to get to them.  One chore (which I'm hoping Maddie or Hunter can help me with) is to move a couple of book cases.  Now that I think about it, though, maybe I don't want to mess with that after all.  I do need to thin down my books, however, and I want to utilize my spots for books better.  I've got an idea in mind.

Looking a little gray and overcast out my window so I'll content myself with indoor activities. Which I do most of the time anyhow.  I have to check out three or four of my outside solar lights that aren't working.  Hunter came over and put batteries in some of them and I'm wondering if I need to do that again.  We'll see...

Was browsing Amazon Prime movies last night and discovered that American Sniper was up for rental for $4.  Been wanting to see that one so I settled in with my crochet hook to be entertained. And I was.  I'd heard that audiences leaving theaters after seeing that movie were all very quiet and subdued.  I can see why. Quite the tearjerker. Bradley Cooper was super.

I went to IMDB to check out the ratings on other movies  and the list is growing of what I'd like to see--  Cake, Nightcrawler, Grand Budapest Hotel, Big Eyes, Hundred Foot Journey, The Lego Movie, A most violent year, Ida, Two days, one night, Fury, The Captive, and Inherent Vice.

I had taped Dave Letterman's last three shows and watched it yesterday.  I had thought maybe I was too critical of ole Dave after all these years and wanted to see what I had missed.  I ended up fast forwarding (of course) through a ton of commercials and what was left -- left me bored!  Even Tom Hanks, who is usually very entertaining, came across as a guy who was trying too hard to be funny. I was disappointed.  And Bill Murray. Good lord! Talk about a guy still in junior high. He wasn't a bit funny either.  The flashbacks weren't that great and even my hero, Bob Dylan totally sucked!  He only sang one (very boring song) at the very last minute and didn't even let himself be interviewed. What a waste of everybody's time!

Gonna hang my flag out on Monday but I've been noticing lately that it's looking pretty worn. I may look online today to see how much it costs for a new one.  I intend to try again to get my genealogy notes in order.  I keep struggling as I haven't quite figured out what I want to do with them but I'm close. Just have to hunker down and plow forward.

I baked a rhubarb pie yesterday.  Am thinking I might whip up some salmon pattys for supper tonight.  Got a call from Joyce Lee and we're going to drive into the alumni social hour together on June 13th.  We went together last year, and she reminded me that I was having some kind of problem with my feet that night.  I remember now but can't for the life of me recall what caused it.  I do remember I could hardly walk back to my car. Think I'll pull out my diary and see if I recorded anything.  Hmmmm....nothing there, darn it! Maybe I wrote about it on my blog.

Much to my surprise, I'm starting to come around to watching the Mariners on TV.  I'm not as hooked on it as I am on golf but I can see I could get hooked pretty easy, and that surprises me.  But then again, I am getting older and my tastes continue to change.  Last night, for example, I just had to cook up some broccoli.  I was craving it.  Now, that's weird!

I spent an hour or two yesterday afternoon cleaning up my files on photos.  They sure accumulate fast and I need to keep ahead of them before it gets to be too much work.  I've got everything in folders and subfolders but I still need to move more pictures around.  It's a job I like.

Two pictures I posted on Facebook recently include a table I made out of the garbage pail box I got for Mother's Day and a counted cross stitch design I made with beads.

Here's a couple of the pictures I came across while from a Rhody parade in 2013, and another winter shot of Fort Worden beach.

                                     me, Barb Shaw, Mary Norton, Lill Greenwood

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Just got back from the doctor's office (gastroenteroligist) or however you spell it. I don't feel like looking it up. I won't bother you with the details. It's boring. I think he thought so too. At least that's what I came out with. Wants me to come back in 3 months (for my 4th appt). Says if I'm still having problems, we'll have to start from scratch and order more poop tests.  That's a stinky idea in my opinion.  I already did those tests and they were negative! Going to have to try and cure myself, I guess. Will start with documenting what is going in my mouth.  That ought to take a great deal of paper. Ha!  He also said it could be stress.  Well, hells bells!  Who doesn't have stress in their life? Everyone!  I guess it comes down to the fact that I'm just full of sh....!

Picked up a virus on my computer a few nights ago.  Must be my lucky week.  I had clicked on this picture on Facebook and a sign came up telling me to call this 800 number and not to turn off my computer or it would crash.  Thankfully, my granddaughter talked me through that nonsense and told me how to get out of there.  Stupid good-for-nothing virus spreaders. I hope they rot in hell! I did a scan on my computer later that night (took two hours) but it said I was clean. Then I changed my password on Facebook.  Never really sure if that's what you need to do but I did it anyhow.  Wish I knew when to NOT click on something.  I do enjoy browsing on FB.

Got an earache on May 13 and while I think it's easing, it's not gone completely. I do have the tinnitis ringing but I can deal with that. Earaches are another matter. I see an ENT guy but not until May 29. That's another story and it is also boring.

I was suppose to entertain Joanne & Patty Plattner yesterday and was really looking forward to it. The bout of diarrhea, however, made me cancel. I ended up staying in bed all day long. Bummer day!

I did manage to get a few odd jobs done around the house today.  Was moving kind of slow but at least I was moving.  Nothing all that interesting --- just yard chores mostly.

I taped David Letterman the last three nights and will watch that tonight. After all the hoopla over him leaving, I'm half wondering now if I missed out on a good show.  For whatever reason (I forget now) he never amused me all that much. To hear people talk, though, he's apparently a really cool guy.  If I misjudged, then shame on me. My loss. Wouldn't be the first time I've been too critical of someone on tv.

Seemed to be a lot of traffic out and about as I went to the doctor today. One intersection that I usually use was full of police lights so I turned off.  Got to another main intersection and saw glass all over the street.  I think people are running into each other.  I made a quick run over to McDonalds 'cause I wanted a fish sandwich.  Drove downtown by the beach and people watched while I ate it. Kind of sad to see the homeless guys walking around.

Took some pictures around the house with my new camera.  They're boring but I'll post them anyhow.
                                               My green beans are coming up
                                                   Dead bird must have hit my window
                               Got 2 of these blue flowered bushes near the front curb
                                    Gonna have to get out there and trim the weeds I guess
 My alley looking west. The scotch broom has taken over the entire end of the block
 Looking in the other direction, I see the neighbors have scotch broom growing. I'll have to make sure it doesn't invade over onto my area
                               This is the block across the street. I do hate that weed!
            Saw this on Facebook and it was one of my favorites of the Raker Car Club
                                      Saw this on Facebook too. Love this bed!
 What a dorky picture of me. Shows Doris, me and Jean at Mary Pearce's house in prob. 1959 or 1960

Here's on old one from 1961 showing me, Chuck Hodgdon, and Ruth at our porch at All View Motel. Ruth was always so pretty.

Mary and Andy left for New York today. Catie is having a booth at the Renton Arts & Craft Fair in July to try and sell her jewelry and stuff.  My brother-in-law, Clarence, (well, ex bro-in-law) was handed a diagnosis of lung cancer this week.  Poor guy is down to 140 lbs.  Cancer sucks!

Finished reading Memoirs of a Geisha yesterday. Ordered the movie on Ebay.  Rented Wild and Still Alice from Red Box.  They were okay but not as good as I thought they were going to be. Some of the movies that were nominated this year I thought were terrible. Like Birdman and Whiplash. I liked Boyhood, Gone Girl, and Foxcatcher. Want to see American Sniper and Grand Budapest Hotel.

Now, for your listening entertainment....some library singing...

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday morning

Been kind of a rough week off and on.  Earaches aren't something I'm usually bothered with but that wasn't the case these past few days.  I went to bed last night and had to get up within the hour to see what I could take so Mr. Sandman would visit.  Tylenol just wasn't cutting it so I switched back to Iboprofen. I'd been told to avoid it but I wanted the pain gone so I made a decision to go with it.  I've been up two hours now and (dare I type this) no earaches yet.  Still...I can feel the outside edges of something buzzing around.  We'll see.

I do have a morning doctor appt tomorrow to discuss my last blood draw results so I've got my fingers crossed that she'll have a solution for the ear trouble, as well.  My lab numbers haven't been anything to write home about.  I got the results online this past weekend and after researching what they meant, I'm prepared to be told changes are going to have to be made.  At least 4 or 5 of them weren't ideal numbers.  Not surprising really as I haven't felt up to par for months because of one thing or another.  Another sidebar of aging.  Sigh....

Hunter came by on Friday afternoon and did a few little chores for me.  Took the backs off of a few solar yard lights I had so we could replace the batteries.  I especially loved this one that changes color. I've got the lights set in potted plants on my deck so I can sit in my recliner at night and observe them all. Ha!  The things I find to amuse myself in my old age.

He also managed to get the backs off of two watches I had.  I had asked several people at different times over the years to remove those backs so I could replace the batteries but no one was able to manage it. I took it to the jewelry counter at Penneys a few years ago as I figured it needed one of those fancy tools to get the back removed.  The clerk wanted to charge me $10 just to remove it but I declined as the watch itself was only worth that much.  So many times I've wished I had a watch on my wrist and I'm thrilled that I'm getting that back.  Will buy a battery tomorrow after the doctor appt.  I do have my cell phone, of course, but it's not always handy to pull that out of my purse, and click it on just to find out the time.  Thank you Hunter!

I had mentioned to him that in order to use the flat screen tv in my bedroom, I had to unplug and plug in the tv from the wall. The remote will change channels but the on/off doesn't work.  He went over to the TV and pushed a button. WaLAA!  Now, how come, I didn't think of that?  Because the button blended in and I never even seen the thing!  Old eyes I guess.

Yesterday I pulled out a couple of picture albums and realized there were several old photos that I had overlooked scanning to my hard drive.  I spent a couple hours working on that project and then retrieved three photo boxes that I figured probably also had some photos I wanted to scan.  I've still got an idea floating around in my head about how I want to write my memoirs and include pictures along the way.  I've got A TON to choose from.

I also want to write a family history of sorts and include photos in that project. I've been surfing through before my subscription runs out and while I wish they had more to choose from, I'm copying everything of interest.  I think I'm going to write to the historical society in Ramsey, IL to try and get more info on my grandpa's family when they lived there.  Was really hoping the newspaper website would have some info but it's pretty much hit and miss all across the US.  Port Townsend, for example, has nothing but the Port Angeles paper does have some PT news and they're featured (at least some years).  Except for a short note about my step-mom, Marcella, opening a daycare and my aunt Lorraine being in a choir, about the only things I could find in the PA papers were activities of my cousin, Jimmy, and my brothers, Les and Dana.  Jimmy and Les were full of mischief (much like I was at that age) but Dana took another route and excelled in track.  His efforts were rewarded with a number of articles.

I also found a  short article on Jacob Stark who married my grandpa's oldest sister, Georgia. His obit said he was prominent in business and I know they owned several hotels. This was from a Sept 1888
story in the Chicago Tribune. (they lived in IL before moving to Oregon)

I also discovered that their daughter, Inez, who taught at several schools in Wash State, was also involved in music.
I've been especially interested in learning more about Inez because she had kind of a colorful past. Her relatives live in North Carolina but it's been difficult to get them to communicate.  So often people are either "into genealogy" or "into it just now and then."  I'm not giving up, though, as I want to read her obit and a cousin back there told me she'd hunt for it.

I guess I'll start sorting through those photo boxes now.  I set up a new jigsaw puzzle yesterday -- 1000 piece of state national parks so I'll play around with that while I watch golf.  Tonight is the finale of 'Call the Midwife' but that was about all I could find of interest.  I watched a 1994 movie on Netflix last night called 'Nobody's Fool.'  I'd seen it before but it was worth a second look. Paul Newman was nominated for an oscar but there were some really good movies out that year and he lost to Tom Hanks.

TOM HANKS in "Forrest Gump", Morgan Freeman in  "The Shawshank Redemption", Nigel Hawthorne in "The Madness of King George", Paul Newman in "Nobody's Fool", John Travolta in  "Pulp Fiction"

Some of the pictures I scanned were of quilts I'd made.  Actually put me in the mood to get going in that back bedroom again on my sewing skills.

Friday, May 15, 2015


Decided to go to the doctor's office yesterday to see if I could get some relief or answers as to why my ear continues to hurt.  I should have stayed home.  The one I saw was a complete waste of time. She needs to retire because she's obviously not doing a good job. Enough said. I will never return to her again.

Unfortunately, my zinger earaches were off and on. NOW...I've got an earache that is worse. I'd like to wring her medical neck!

I spent the morning scanning various pictures and newspaper articles onto my hard drive.  My intention was to thin down my collection of "stuff" and while I discarded a tiny bit, it was just too hard to let go of much.  I set up my old computer alongside my laptop because my older scanner works better than my new one.

Sitting here watching the Today Show and they're raving about Dave Letterman and how sad it is he's leaving.  Not to all of us is it sad.  I've never cared for him and good riddance.  Never thought Johnny Carson was funny either.  Also couldn't stand Barbara Walters, and Dr. Phil can retire anytime.  See how onery an earache can make you.

On the plus side, I was happy to see some goldfinch finally show up in my backyard yesterday.

I woke up at 4:50 a.m. today and I suspect that's also why I'm crabby.  I didn't get to bed until midnight and I obviously need more sleep!  Perhaps I'll tootle on out to my recliner and catch a few zzz's.

First, though, here's some of the stuff I scanned. Already posted  a few on Facebook but I know not everyone visits Facebook.
Four pictures of our house on Kuhn St when it was for sale a few years back.  Completely different inside and out of how it looked in 1961.

 One of Grandpa's smaller chicken houses. Jim & Lillian's house sits beyond.

 The kitchen and living room look NOTHING like they used to. And that's a good thing!

Okay. Time to get moving. Have a good weekend.