My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay
In a city by the water...

Saturday, July 4, 2015

I'm sick of this heat!

Not having much luck with staying cool this week.  My a/c unit kept leaking so I had Hunter take it to the garage.  Just could't go through the motions of cleaning up water pools again.  And one of my other fans quit altogether too.  I ran to Walmart but all the had was 9" fans so I bought that (and cough syrup) to get me through the next few days.  Stopped at Walgreens and they one tower fan left so I took it.
It was assembled except for the base but that particular base gave me a world of trouble.  Mainly the attached cord.  Wasn't sure if I was supposed to take off the protective plastic near the base.  I took a picture and emailed it to Mary and she thought I should probably remove it.  Getting it off wasn't that easy but I couldn't reach anybody at Jen's so I sat there a while trying to figure it out on my own.

I hear a knock at the door AND WAS THRILLED!  Figured whoever it was would surely be able to help me.  There stood an elderly gentleman in a tie.  I looked at him and what he was holding...
"Hey!  Is that a Bible?" I croaked.  (my cough is worse in the morning and I am very hoarse....pretty sure it's allergies)  Anyhow, I beckoned him in and he backed off -- didn't want to catch my germs.

I assured him I wasn't contagious; just suffering from  the heat and allergies.  I explained to him that I was sitting there pondering this problem and wondering who I could ask.  When I heard the knock on my door, I knew it was God sending me aid.  So in came my Jehovah Witness guy.  I showed him my fan problem and he felt the plastic needed to stay on. Helped me tape it back together, snap the base together, and screw it in.  Now that's it's up and running, I don't think it's all that great a fan but oh well, it's better than nothing.

I asked him why he was out in this heat and he said:  Well, you know, I guess we're all a little crazy sometimes.  ha ha

After he left, Wayne and Hunter stopped in (I thought they had gone to Forks but nope, they're staying home). Hunter carried the a/c to the garage and I'm proceeding now to figure out which room I want to situate myself in to ride out the rest of the day.  Probably going to be my bedroom since there's a recliner in there and a tv.

Woke up this morning to find a text on my phone telling me a close friend had passed away last night.  What a shock!  I knew her heart was giving her problems but didn't realize she was having surgery.  Apparently, she had a stroke and died shortly after.  Makes me sad.  So sad.  I adored her.
RIP Susie Bishop Bara.  She graduated from Chimacum in 1960 and we lived together for a time in Portland. Her, me and Sharon Sofie. Oh the laughs we had!
Happy Birthday to my friend, Kathy Snyder here in P.A. and Happy Birthday to my half-sister, JoAn in Pennsylvania (age 62) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother, Les. (age 68)

I'm off to the recliner now.  Dreading the late afternoon when the house turns into an oven.  Am praying no one gets the brilliant idea to shoot off fireworks on this street. The entire block across from my house is bone dry weeds.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July already

I was able to sleep without a fan last night but I did keep the window open until about 2 a.m. or so.  I can tell it's going to warm up today but I guess I'm ready for it.  Got a fan going in here and it's fairly comfortable.  I don't usually start to notice being uncomfortable until 3 or 4 in the afternoon.

 I need to pick up Maddie at 2:15 today and take her to the dentist. Then head up the hill to the high school and take Hunter to the dentist, as well.  Jenni will then pick them up when she gets off work. Think I'll stop by Grandview Grocery and buy some stamps and pick up a Hit 5 ticket.  I haven't been winning much on Hit 5 lately but I still stick to "my system".  I think your odds are better than playing the lotto.  You choose 5 numbers between 1-39 instead of 6 numbers between 1-49.  The pot starts at $100,000 and grows each week that no one wins it.  I've won $1 several times and $20 a few times but I'm counting on that $100,000 to hit sooner or later.

I was really dragging yesterday.  My cough wore me out, I suspect, as I ended up taking a two hour nap in my recliner. When I went to bed at 11 that night, I was still out like a light.

Am thinking I might toss the rest of  my oatmeal cookies out to the crows today. I've lost interest in them.  A few days ago I picked up a box of frozen juice Popsicles.  The darn things were $5.49 but I figured they were probably tasty and better for me than ice cream.  I should have just bought plain ole popsicles, I think, as I wasn't all that pleased with the flavor I chose(lemon).  A little too tart maybe? Some days my taste buds just rebel for no reason I can think of.

I put away a jigsaw puzzle I had set up and got out a new puzzle that Ann Robson gave me when I was visiting last week.  I may start putting it together today.  Sat down to pay bills this morning. I knew it was going to be my day of reckoning as I had been busy ordering stuff online. Easy to do when you have Amazon Prime.  My yearly membership payment was included on this bill so I'm going to have to behave myself and show some restraint.  Still, I'm thankful I can just sit myself down and pay them all off.  Never could do that in years past as I lived payday to payday.

Watched an interesting show on Amazon Prime the last few nights called Catastrophe.  Had six episodes so now I have to wait for season 2.  I hate that!  Anyhow, this was a British comedy and very well written.  I'm watching 'Under the Dome' on Amazon now but finding it hard to hate the bad guy 'cause I really liked him on Breaking Bad.  Ha!

Went out to water the trees and flowers early this morning. My green beans are coming right along. Wish I had planted more stuff now.

Read the Leader online but outside of the alumni photos, I didn't find much of interest. Always like looking at the old photos, though.  Like this one...

Looked over old diary notes to see if I could find anything of interest for this day but as usual, I didn't always write each day and July1st was no exception.  I did come up with these, however....

1973: Dana came by with a new girl friend. He's joining the coast guard. (this would have been Lill)

1974: John and I smoked a joint. Stopped at the Waterin' Hole for a beer and then he threw up in the car.  I laughed.

1984:  My arm and shoulder continue to give me a lot of grief. I wonder what the deal is there.

1985: Mitch Aman started training on my desk in the mill office.

And that's about it for today.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Sunny Monday

Well, it's 2:20 pm and FINALLY I'm starting to feel a little better today.  I've had a cough all week which can wear me out quickly but I've been prepared for that 'cause it seems every time I get a cough cold, I can pretty much rely on hacking my head off for two weeks or more.  What aggravates me more than the cough is having the tummy/bowel problem return.  I'm thankful I can be home and deal with it in private but I don't take kindly to being housebound to the toilet when the weather is so great and I could just as easily be out and about doing "stuff."

I did have some yogurt this week and I wonder if that's what caused the problem.  I'm giving the rest of the cartons to Maddie.  Seems so odd that yogurt could be doing a number on me when it's supposed to be a healthy food. 'Course I also had butter. I knew it was dairy but I didn't think "a little butter" would be a problem.  Maybe it was.  I only had some on my baked potato and a few days earlier on an ear of corn.  I guess I'm going to have to avoid every single thing that is dairy related so I can tell if it actually is the culprit. I have my doubts.  Or maybe I have doubts because I don't want it to be that. Ha!  I guess if I want to get an answer one way or the other, I'm going to have to buckle down and try harder.  I'm not good at trying harder.

Today, for example, I made a half batch of oatmeal/raisin cookies.  I wanted to use up the butter so I didn't have any in the house.  Yeah, I know. I'm full of excuses. I guess I deserve what I get.  Anyhow, I used my old standby Betty Crocker cookbook from the 50's.  Good recipe and very tasty but for some reason, the cookies all came out flatter than a pancake!  I had to scrape them off the sheet.  The recipe called for margarine so I wonder if that was the problem.  Whatever. I'll eat the suckers!

The weather report a few days ago said we were in for high temperatures all week.  I had Hunter and Wayne come by yesterday to put my floor model a/c up on this table so the water pan will be easier to drain.  The plug is near the bottom and by the time you get the light that the pan is full, you can't get a pan under it high enough to hold the water draining off.  And you certainly can't lift the pan without spilling.  Once it's on a table, I can hook up a little hose and have it drain automatically into a nearby bucket.  Saves me a world of heartache. I decided to cover up the tv and printer because the a/c can give off a lot of damp moisture.  Moved my laptop out here to the kitchen table.

Discovered a delightful radio station in Sequim this week. KSQM, 91.5 fm  The DJs are volunteers so there's no advertising outside of a few local people and their business.  The music is geared for adults and the variety is something else.  I'm hearing stuff I haven't heard in years or that I've never heard.  Barbra Streisand, Glen Campbell, Vince Gill, big bands from the 40's, the Weavers, Doris Day, and sometimes things like Home on the Range.

I have it on in my bedroom at night to help me go to sleep. I used to listen to music in bed but it got so irritating with ads and music that made me puke,  that I had to give it up.  Now I have it tuned in on my TV set via the Roku.  You can pick it up online too. It broadcasts all over the world.

I've got four fans going in this large kitchen/living room area and it's been comfortable all day.  Now that the sun is over on this side of the house, though, it's starting to get a little too warm.  I'll have to position myself in the recliner with the fans facing me.

One of my newer projects right now is to transcribe onto my computer all the letters I've received from my mother since 1967.  Interesting the stuff you forget after almost 50 years.  Haven't quite decided yet how I'm going to use it in my writing but I'll figure it out.  I got a short manuscript from an old high school classmate (year behind me) named Molly Logan the other day asking me to read some of her short stories. She lives in S. Korea now and man, what a talent for writing she has. She said the stories were about her cats and they were to a degree but were actually more about her high school days in Port Townsend.  I absolutely loved it. Especially since I knew the people and places she talked about.  Gave me an idea of how I might want to proceed with my next book.

Pictures I saw on Facebook this week:

                           My cousin, Denny in 1965 with his firstborn, Sheldon.

 Sheldon today with his daughter who had just graduated from Gig Harbor High School.
 My cousin, Cindy (also in Gig Harbor) shares the 7-mo picture of her new grandbabies--a boy and a girl.
                        My latest Facebook friend with her grandson, Kyle -- Susie Bishop Bara
                                                     Jake experiences fingerpainting
                                                                      At the park

Well, gonna have to sign off and get up to close curtains and rearrange fans. Here's a hummingbird shot I caught on my deck this afternoon.
A few days ago I set out my large roasting pan (with the lid) and filled them with water so the crows could have a drink once the bird baths dried up in the heat.  I wasn't sure if they'd even go near the pans but I was laughing when I saw one climb in to take a bath. Would have liked to have gotten a picture of that but trying to catch them on film is hard.  If they even see me in the window, they take off.  Don't they know I'm their friend? Ha Ha

Friday, June 26, 2015

Time to catch up

Gees, it's been over ten days since I posted on my blog. Just been one thing or another keeping me from sitting down.  Well, that's not exactly true....I'm usually sitting down.  Ha!

It's early (7 a.m.) and looks like another hot day is in the works. I've got to make a Walmart run and intend to leave in two hours just so I can get it over with.  I did go to Safeway yesterday so my list for WM this morning is shorter.  Also need to stop at Walgreen's to pick up a few photo reprints from the alumni party on June 13th.  Hard to believe it's been two weeks already.

Here's a few shots from that event...
                                                         Alice LaChance (sister of my friend, Doris)
                                                Mary Gaboury, Linda Pedersen, and me
                                             Mary, me, Jean Tyler, Karen Cuykendall
                                                             Dave Deits & Cathi White
 Renee & Denny Blankenship, me, Elaine & Lee Arey, Arlie Blankenship (cousins)
                                             members of the class of 1960
                                     Ann Marie Fountain, Ann Morrison, Bud O'Meara
                                   members of the band:  Bob Blaurock & Gene Peterson
                                                       members of the class of 1955
                                                     Helen & Dave Marriott
                                          Jan Higdon and Joyce Lee
                                             Jim Simcoe, Lee & Elaine Arey
                              Mary, John O'Brien, Jean Tyler (hadn't seen Jean since 1981)
                                        Patty Plattner & Joanne and Bert Bennett
                                                      me and Ruth Kvinsland
                                                           Sharon Sofie & Jean Tyler
There are a ton of other alumni pictures on Facebook too. Search for Jan Boutilier's page.

Three days after the alumni get together, Hunter and I took off for Renton so he could earn some money doing odd jobs for Mary and Andy.  He stained their fence in the back yard, pressure washed the deck, did minor repairs here and there, and helped Andy build up the back fence with new lumber.  On Saturday, the 20th, Mary treated me with a ticket to "Ride the Ducks" in downtown Seattle.  What a blast it was.  I recommend it highly. It's especially great if you get a really good and entertaining driver like we did.  He was wonderful!

 Jake playing in the backyard.  Here he's in the sanbox holding a fist of sand and letting it drop into this face. He finally figured out it didn't feel good in the eyes.  ha ha
 He is most happy outside.  His daycare teacher also mentioned to Mary that they discovered he was big on music. (which we knew)  He loves to dance.  No matter what he's doing in the house, his ear seems to be tuned in to background music and if a song comes on that he likes, he drops everything to dance. He's especially fond of 'Sugar' by Maroon 5.
                                    More adventures to explore on the side of the house.
                                We went to Doofer's Bar and Grille for dinner one night.
                           A picture I took of another 'duck bus' going by on Lake Union.
 Jake was interested in the train that went by when we were on land and he thought the driver was pretty interesting too. He walked up and stood there staring at him (and his crazy hats)
 Got to hear a lot of interesting Seattle history and the music was good too!
 Back to Mary's house. Here's the back deck. It was double this size but they had it remodeled so they could have a grassy lawn.
                            Andy and Hunter preparing the lumber for the fence.
                                            Mary's little garden of veggies

 Tony, the merlot which Andy is forced to display since I gave it to him.  ha ha
 Jake sure wanted to be out there with his dad but he had to watch from the deck. When he did get to go out for a minute, he headed straight for the very interesting electric saw.
Jake and Mary were getting over a cold he managed to pick up at daycare earlier in the week so I made it was my turn to get it while there.  It was a doozy too!  Seems like getting bugs when you're older are harder on the old bod.  At least that's my feeling.  I was so sick on the ride home on Sunday. Today is the first day I feel like I might live a little longer.
 The dandelions were skyhigh so I had to take my new camera outside to see what kind of a photo I would get. Thankfully, Hunter came over later in the week to mow them all down.

 My hummingbirds didn't take any time at all finding my pretty red flowers that bloomed on the deck. I never can remember how to spell them...crocosmia..thanks to a friend telling me on Facebook.
For some reason (I never understand why these things pop into my head) I decided I wanted to see what an old American Girl Magazine looked like. I had a subscription for years in the 1950's so I bought one on Ebay. (Nov 1952)  It's say the least although I wish I could have found one from 1956 or 1957.  That's when I took the mag and I remember it was much more entertaining. Oh well, it's a great collector's item, I suppose. I like old magazines and I have a few-- Hit Parader, Life, TV Guide, Look, Reader's Digest, and several teen mags.

Gotta get outside and do some watering before the heat gets going.  And then it's off to Walmart. Don't have much on my agenda today. Still too busy coughing to think about working on a sewing project so I'll probably settle for a jigsaw puzzle and watching Netflix.  Got a couple letters to work on too.  Stay cool!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Change is good

I seem to be having a little harder time coping with change.  Perhaps it's an age thing.  I've always kind of liked things to go along smoothly and as predicted but these past years I've noticed, I'm probably liking it a little too much.  Any time I have to prepare for a trip (and we're only talking short jaunts here 'cause I don't travel) I find my stress level goes up.  Not a lot but enough to make me notice. Some times it's just a little nervousness (or excitement?) but it can develop into that ole topic we all deal with now and again -- diarrhea!  Nothing like a little case of diarrhea to put a crimp in your attitude!

Since I've had stomach and bowel problems (I think ever since I fell) I never know for sure if my body is telling me to quit eating a certain food group, if I have a bug, or if my body just plain wants me to quit eating so much.  Which is probably the case.  I have cut down, however.  Been forced to. I don't feel good if I eat a heavy meal.  Lately I don't feel good if I eat a light meal.

I know a lot of people who have had to deal with stomach and bowel issues as their body aged.  It's all a part of life and I can play that game.  I'm trying real hard to alter my eating habits and I think I'm getting there. At least some of the time.  Weight loss is preached at us constantly although I don't think most of us need to be reminded.  We know we're fat so shut up already!  ha ha

I know I could lose weight faster if I could exercise more.  I intend to start with stretching and short walks to see if I can get my body to agree with the movement.  My low back hurts so often anymore, even standing to do dishes or cut out a pattern causes discomfort and a search for a chair.  Damn nuisance!  I've got one walking stick and I'm thinking maybe I'm going to get a second one and see if I can maneuver on walks for longer periods of time.  This isn't something that's just started because it's been bothering me for many years.  Back surgery is not on my game plan. After having a knee and shoulder replaced, I'm not all that keen on having any surgery again but I'm not ruling out a hip replacement.  Man, my hip hurts somedays!  I have to really pick up my feet and pay attention when I walk outside (or inside as far as that goes).  I find my balance isn't graceful and I feel like I'm a fall waiting to happen.  sigh....

Well, enough on that subject.  I just woke up from a nap.  Sleep is another thing I cope with.  I can go to bed (depending on how tired I am) anywhere from 7:30 to 11.  Most of the time I drop off fairly quickly but those times I get up to pee can be a challenge to let me go back to sleep again.  I work real hard at NOT THINKING ABOUT STUFF!  Sometimes I'm successful; sometimes not.  I have found that naps in the recliner are something I dearly love -- and seem to need.  And I have to force myself up after an hour or I could put in two or three hours easy.  I don't like to do that 'cause it screws up my nighttime sleep.

I'm going to be sleeping on a firm mattrress for five nights this week and I'll be watching to see if I feel any better back wise.  I do love my memory foam mattress but sometimes I wonder if it's good for my back or not.  We'll see.  I'm always testing back and forth.

I've got my "very large" bag mostly packed as Hunter and I are taking off around 11 a.m. We'll park in Gig Harbor and Mary will pick us up at my cousin's house.  A lot less stress on me if I don't have to cope with driving on I-5. Especially if Chambers Bay Golf Tournament might mean more traffic. I'm looking forward to watching it on Mary and Andy's big tv screen.  Hunter will be doing chores for Andy like power washing, painting, and yard work.  I guess I've already mentioned all that.  I don't seem to get over to my blog page on a daily basis much anymore. Mostly because I just do the same things over and over most of the time.

Did go to the alumni reunion Saturday.  Took 93 pictures but had to delete almost a dozen because they were too blurry. Still got more learning to do on my camera. I'll post a few on my other blog for those of you who don't go to Facebook.  I did make an album there of everything I took.  Visit to see the photos.  I also posted a short piece on my Town Kid blog at the Leader a few days ago called Port Townsend Memories. You can read it at and click on "blogs".

Been doing a little bit of sewing the last few days.  Made one quilt and started a second. As usual, I didn't think it through and my latest one doesn't line up the way it should. Mainly because I didn't want to cut off the little ants at the bottom of the pattern of the material I went to buy.  I remember now why I don't invest in material too often.  Gees, but it's expensive!  I only bought a yard or so of this cute baby flannel and a half yard of this cotton pattern on my 'little boy in a hat' quilt. Ended up costing me $23.  I think that's too much. I probably should have looked at Walmart or Joanne Fabrics first but I wanted to shop at this nice quilt shop across from Walgreens.

 It doesn't match up the way it should but I'll work with it anyhow. I didn't want to start ripping out seams to start over.  I'll put a could borders around the outside to see if I can't make it presentable. At least it's colorful and I was able to keep the little bugs at the bottom.
Here's two cartoons I saw on Facebook that cracked me up....

Well, off to post alumni pictures on 'Alumni of PTHS' blog.