My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay
In a city by the water...

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Last Saturday of August

I kind of thought my day would be full of "not much" but sometimes it just doesn't work out that way. It was an early rising again (6:30ish) and I was glad to get up because my dreams were unsettling.  There's been a toddler in them lately and it's not hard to figure out who that is.  Last night I almost jumped out of a window with him in my arms and then caught myself -- chastising me for not being more careful.  I placed him on the floor and then I proceeded to jump out the window to the people below.  My jump was quite slow motion and I landed on the ground like a smooth plane setting down.  Seemed to be something I had done lots of times and it wasn't any big deal.

I don't know what else was going on in dreamland but it must have been something to do with my living arrangements because I no sooner got dressed and I was on a rearranging kick.  Switched the loveseat and recliner, put the memory foam back on my bed, moved the a/c unit to my closet, moved the table it had been on to the kitchen and put potted plants and knickknacks on it.  Then I shook out the bathroom rugs, swept the floor, vacuumed the house, and  sat down to surf the net and have breakfast.

Had the Sequim radio station on (91.5 fm KSQM) and am loving it more everyday.  I often have it on when I go to bed and even when I wake up to pee, it's still on and I keep it on.  I don't usually keep the radio on when I sleep but I've started to with this station.  I listen to it on my tv with my Roku device, and while  I can get it on my radio in my bedroom,  if I try to listen in a different part of the house, it won't come in.

I heard them mention the annual Clallam Co Historical Society's garage sale being held and I ran right down there.  I try to go every year.  Only runs on the weekend. Started last weekend but I didn't know about it.  Next weekend, everything is half off and the weekend after that, you can bag stuff for a dollar a sack.  It's one of the best organized sales ever.  They have guys directing parking outside and members sitting and working in every department inside.  (an old two story school)

I made a beeline for the sewing department where a lady supplied me with a plastic bag and when it was full, she took the bag to checkout to hold for me with my name on it so I could start a second bag and not have to hold everything.  I spent $9.50 on material as I was looking for stuff to back quilts and quilt wall hangings.  the prices everywhere were really good!
I also picked up a real nice journal with lined pages, and a neat stuffed bird that sings,

I think I'm going to rearrange my sewing room a little bit as I found a small ironing board I can put by my sewing machine and not have to keep getting up to the large board.
The mailman brought a free present from the electric company.  My second  present from them. The first was various yard hose nozzles, sprinkler timers, light bulbs, etc.  This time I got a really nice
electric strip.
It cost $5.95 to mail the thing and I'm puzzled where they came up with the money for this perk when they declined giving reduced electric rates to those with low income. (like me)  They said they were out of money and couldn't accommodate those hoping for the rate reduction.

The yard sale at the school house made me think I might want to join the historical society.  I overheard more interesting conversations as I browsed around.  They had everything arranged separately.  Tools, outdoor stuff, books, puzzles, movies, clothes, jewelry, sewing, dishes, cooking, Christmas, pictures, name it...they had it.

I've been checking Jenni's mail the last few days to retrieve any ebay packages that Hunter had arriving. Today I asked the mailman if Owen Street was his delivery area too and he said: Oh, you mean your grandson, Hunter?   ha ha   He was nice enough to give me Hunter's latest box so I didn't have to drive over there today. They're coming home tomorrow.  I suppose the weather wasn't always the greatest but when you go to the ocean, the weather doesn't really matter.  I wouldn't mind taking a fall drive over there sometime this year before winter sets in.  Have to find someone to go with me...or better me!

My Bellingham cousin posted some old family reunion pictures on facebook this week so I brightened that up a bit and decided to repost here. I think these were 1970.
                      Bill Forcier (hidden), Art Blankenship, Bob Walker, Lyall Arey
                                  Bill & Kathleen Blankenship w/baby Jennifer Lynn
                                        Lee & Elaine Arey with Michelle (I think)
 Bill Forcier (Janie's 1st husband), Bill & Art Blankenship,  (son and father)
                                    Bill Arey, Grant Walker, John Blankenship
 Dorothy Hollender Arey, Bill sitting on ground, Lyall with hands in pockets

                                       Janie & Bill with Edwina and Eddie
                         me & John with Sue and Mary.  Dorothy on the right

 George Blankenship (hidden), Lee Arey, Bonnie & Grant Walker
 Lorraine Blankenship, Elaine Arey, Bill, Janie, & George in back
                                   Marlyn Walker and Marlee (maybe Cindy?) not sure
                                             Sheldon Blankenship and other kids

Yesterday I spent a couple hours in the sewing room. Managed to finish a wall hanging with 4 quilt squares, and a couple of other squares, which I added to my stack. Haven't decided what I'm going to do with them yet but will probably make wall hangings or quilts.  Have a lot of cross stitch designs I've completed too and I think I'l work them into a wall hanging.

Weather can't seem to figure out what it wants to do today.  It's sunny and humid one minute, then the wind blows, the rain comes down sideways, and then it clears up again.  I don't care.  I'm all settled in for the day.  Have golf on in here and will turn it on in the sewing room when I transfer to that side of the house.

Two medical appointments this week. Monday to the dentist (which I know full well is going to cost me an arm and a leg) and then Thursday, it's off to the optometrist. I figure my glasses may need changing as I can see tv better without glasses.  

I wish I had a picture of our old brown house on 22nd Street in PT when we lived there in the 40's and early 50's. Here's one of a few years ago and how it looks today.

can't hardly even see it from the street. I do remember that shed in the backyard,though. It was a wood shed for us.

Here's a picture I found on Google maps of where my biological grandmother and her second husband may have lived in Aberdeen back in the 40's.
I know I'm repeating myself but this is my blog and I can repeat all I want. hee hee

Here's grandpa's house when I lived there and changes through the years....

By the way, if you ever want to look at PT houses, here's what you do:
go to
Click on Departments at the top of the page
Click on Assessor on the left
Click on Parcel search
scroll down to street name
a long list of house numbers will appear. Look them over to find the one you want.
click on the red number and then scroll down to the blue box that says tax,a/v,sales, photos
Scroll to Property image

And here's a blast from the past for your listening entertainment

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another Good Day

Got up at 6 a.m. and decided to go for a walk (using two walking sticks).  I did okay but my hips were very happy to get home after 30 minutes.  Kind of boring in my neighborhood so tomorrow I'm gonna drive downtown to the Waterfront Trail. They have benches you can sit on along the way and I've found that if I can sit down for even one minute, I'm good to go.  Gonna wear my camera around my neck hoping I'll find at least a couple of good shots.

Also intend to wear my little Ipod as it's a lot more relaxing to walk with tunes.  Been a while since I used my Ipod (it's an old one) but it's lightweight and easy to operate. My newer Ipod (which also hasn't been used much) is a little more difficult to use.  I can't seem to get the tunes to play that I want--it has kind of a mind of it's own. Anyhow, I've got it charging in my computer and I'm looking forward to walking along the water.

I baked an apple pie this morning using ready made pie crusts.  Never bought those before as my pie crust recipe is fairly easy and tastes really good.  I was surprised at how simple using ready made is. I'll buy them again if I need a pie in a hurry but the texture and taste don't even come close to my own.

Maddie needed a pick up from the high school (cross country track practice) so we stopped at the library afterwards so I could pick up two more James Patterson novels.  Also checked out two audio books as I plan on doing some sewing this week.  I did get one quilt square cut out and will sew it tomorrow as well as a couple more.

Was in an "ordering on line" kind of mood today.  I got my Amazon Prime and my Visa bill this week and both were very low indeed.  Just the kind of incentive I needed to not feel guilty about ordering.  I sent for a crossword puzzle book and a book called 'Dad is Fat'. Also, the paperback of the first series of Game of Thrones by  George R.R. Martin.  A Song of Ice and Fire.

Also saw the first season of Thrones on DVD on sale for 50% off so I stuck that in my shopping cart too. As I recall, I tried to read Martin's book before but couldn't stick with it.  Typical for me as I get easily distracted and don't always put more effort into following the first few chapters. I've wanted to see Game of Thrones ever since it started getting rave reviews but I don't subscribe to HBO and the seasons weren't available to buy for a long time.

I've been watching Nurse Jackie on Showtime the last few weeks.  I think I start Season 7 tonight and that's the final. Next I plan on watching 'The Affair'.  Have a few others that look interesting too.

I sent in a 100-word story to Reader's Digest so now I'll have to keep an eye out to see if it gets published.  I think they post most of the stories online but if they use it in the paper magazine, you get $100.  Sometimes you have to wait months to find out but that's okay.  I think I'll work on a Town Kid blog tomorrow. Haven't really picked a topic yet but something will come to mind.  Am thinking I might write about grandparents.

Tomorrow marks the 44th birthday of my son.  Still hard to believe my youngest kids are in their forties -- or that my first grandchild is halfway through her twenties.  What's even harder to believe is that my age starts with a 7!

Well, I didn't get a nap today and I've been yawning off and on for a couple hours.  Guess that means I won't be staying up too late.  Time to head to the kitchen and heat up some leftovers for supper.

Here's some interesting pictures I got in an email today....
                                                                   3 headed cobra
                                                          7000 trees in Argentina
                                                              flower garden in Belgium
                                                                   Central Park in NY
                                                  most beautiful horse in the world
                                                            super cell storm cloud
                                           window washers at children's hospital in US

Monday, August 24, 2015

Just hanging out

I was a whirlwind of activity yesterday. Every once in a while that will happen so I take advantage of the energy and wipe chores off my list one after another.  Nothing major but the little stuff can add up. Sometimes this happens after I've been away from the house for a few days.  I see the place with new eyes and want to clean and/or rearrange.

I refrained from rearranging and I never really did any deep cleaning but I did enough to make me feel like I'd accomplished something.  Tried cleaning the soap scum (again) off the shower walls but the spray stuff I have on hand just doesn't cut it.  I pulled out some white vinegar and while it would have probably worked, I did notice it was going to require a lot of scrubbing and getting down low to scrub isn't something I can manage for any length of time anymore.  I gave it a good rinse and decided to "avert my eyes". Ha ha  It was good enough.

I relined 3 kitchen drawers with some wall paper I found hidden away in a closet.  That ended up being quite a chore but at least I could sit down for most of it.  The lid drawer always seems to fill up much faster than any of the others so it got thinned down first.  The utensil drawer also got a workover and it looks so much nicer now.  Even vacuumed and wiped everything before setting down new paper.

I ran a quick mop over the kitchen floor but only because I changed the hummingbird feeders and I always seem to drip that sticky sugar water on the floor before I get outside.  I drove downtown to run the car through a car wash, washed a quilt to hang outside, weeded and watered, and then sat down to write letters.  Got three of them in them mailed off today and even placed an order for some things I saw in a catalog.  I don't make a habit of catalog ordering but I saw a purse I wanted and a pair of pajamas so I called it in. Also ordered a doorbell that doesn't require wiring.

Hunter (who keeps track of my books that sell on Ebay) told me there was a problem with the last book I mailed off on Aug. 11. The buyer was still waiting and she only lived in Port Townsend.  I emailed her that I was sticking a second book in the mail this morning as the post office must have lost it.  This afternoon I get another email from her telling me the book finally arrived and that the postmark was Aug. 11, just like I said.  The package was kind of beat up, though, so I may donate the second book to her.  I've still got about a dozen left in the closet to sell -- not counting the few copies I have in three book stores.  One in PT and two in PA.

When I arrived home on Saturday from my 10-day stay visiting Mary and Andy, I noticed the lot across the street is finally going to get cleared of scotch broom.  At least two lots so far up the street a little ways are bulldozed and ready for house construction to begin.  I've seen city trucks there this morning, plus there's a sani-can on the curb.
Some of my plants were in dire need of water but I "think" I managed to revive a couple.  The rhubarb is dead for sure and one plant that Sue recently planted for me when she fixed up the front garden area.  I've been watering and Hunter came by this morning to give my trees a better drink than what I was doing.  I did notice I got some new gladiolas blooming.
Hunter weedeated around the house this morning. The grass isn't growing and everything everywhere looks brown and ugly.  The dandelions, however, were thriving and some were 2 feet high! Made it hard to walk down the side of the house or even step off the steps to go water as the bees were so busy doing their thing.

The county fair winded up last night. I never did make it over there, even though it's only a couple blocks up the street. Just too tired. Didn't make it into Jefferson County Fair either but then I was in Renton during that time.

Had a  great time visiting with Jake.  He's a handful, that's for sure, but he made me laugh a lot.
I posted regularly on Facebook as everything he did was cute to me.  Unfortunately, my camera battery went dead almost as soon as I got there so I had to make do with my cell phone. He's some shots of him helping his dad cut the lawn.

Mary was having problems with the daycare she was using so they've decided to go with a nanny-- at least for a year anyway.  I think she found the one she wants and she'll start Sept. 4th. Meanwhile, Jake is with a teenager this week and may go to a church daycare until Sept. 4th.

My grandaughter, Catie, took me to Muckleshoot Casino one day to play bingo with Mary Gaboury.
None of us won but it was still fun.
I was going to bake an apple pie today but I'm not in the mood so maybe tomorrow. Gonna fix mushroom meatballs for supper and maybe kick back and watch some more episodes of Nurse Jackie on Showtime.

Tomorrow will be back to the sewing room as I work on quilt squares and maybe complete a wall hanging.

Jake has certain music videos that he's especially fond of watching and dancing to.  Katy Perry's "Roar", Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off", Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk", and Maroon 5's "Sugar."
I kind of like every one of them myself.  YouTube is a great place to visit.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Final Day in Renton

Greta and I took Jake for a short stroller ride around the block today. I saw garage sale sign and wanted to check it out. Spent two dimes.  Got a slinky and a rubber elastic key chain bracelet.  Walking was a little tough since Greta was pushing the stroller but I took a walking stick and did better. I just may try walking with two sticks when I get back home.  Need to force myself to get out there.

Jake took a real long nap today so Greta napped too and I finished up all the computer work I've been trying to get done.  So happy to have that project completed.  Mary and I will leave at 6:30 a.m. tomorrow so I guess I'll hit the sack early tonight.  Like that's anything new!  I've been going to bed super early every night I've been here.

Andy, Mary, Jake and I all went to the park after they got home from work.  He loves the park.  They had two monkey bar/slide structures --one for kids 2-4 and the other for kids 5-12.  He seemed to prefer the 5-12 one because that's where the big guys were hanging out.  He tried following one kid who took off on a very fancy skateboard.  Jake saw those wheels turning and thought "that's for me!"

He also made a beeline for a guy tossing a ball with his large dog.  And across the field was a kid shooting hoops.  Mary asked if Jake could play with the ball for a minute and the kid said sure.  I had to laugh when I saw Jake actually trying to toss that ball in the direction of the basket!

We only stayed a little while. Andy is out mowing the lawn now and Mary is going to cook Kung Pao Chicken for supper.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday morning

Man, it was hot here yesterday. Too hot to even try to sit out in the backyard for any length of time.
Was surprised to see it's cloudy and gray out this morning.  Even rained a couple times.  The lights flickered a half hour ago so I sure hope it doesn't mean electricity is going down.  I'm having a computer day and want to keep it that way.  I just finished cleaning out "my documents" and "photos" on my hard drive and moved a ton of stuff over to my exterior hard drive to work on it there.  The picture sorting always seems to get away from me, but then I know why.  I take too many pictures. No, that doesn't seem right.  Ha!

Once I get this project done, I may start up on ancestry again.  Easy and fun way to spend a day. Also have some letters to write and a Leader blog to think about.  And I might even get a nap in.

Catie and her boyfriend, Brandon, are coming by for dinner tonight. Baked potatoes and steak. This will be our first time meeting him.  Mary continues to interview for a nanny.  She had a couple she was particularly tuned in on but they got scooped up before she could hire them. Seems to be a real competition for good nannies.

Saturday morning Mary will take me back to my parked car at cousin Cindy's house in Gig Harbor. It will be an early drive as Mary (as usual) has a busy schedule.  I'm anxious to get home anyhow. Already thinking of things I want to rearrange and clean out.  Going to start with my kitchen.  I've got some many doodads in drawers that I never use.  Time to downsize a bit. Actually, I could probably downsize throughout the whole house, backyard, and garage.  Funny how quickly things accumulate when your intention is to keep it simple.

The presidential campaign continues to rile me.  I love talking politics and listening to the candidates but I am none too pleased that Donald Trump is getting all the attention.  I pretty much mute the set the minute I see his ugly puss!  And I do the same with any celebrity or commentator who starts raving about how great he is.  Ron Perlman from Sons of Anarchy was going on and on yesterday about the genius Trump is.  What a pile of B.S.!  He got muted quickly!

I'm not sure why Trump is such a thorn in my side. Politics has always been an arena for egomaniacs with big mouths.  He's just one of those individuals who makes me cringe. Always has.  And it also riles me the way the TV people keep shoving it down our throats that he's leading in the polls.  I can't believe that he could ever win an election for President.  Surely the majority of Americans aren't that stupid!  I remember feeling the same way about Ross Perot. I thought he was a ridiculous choice for President.

Well, enough on that subject for now. But I'm not done discussing this. Another time....

Greta and I just took Jake for a stroller ride around the block. He was having a hissy fit cause he wanted to continue blowing bubbles on the deck and wasn't being persuaded that we could do something else.  He's fine now. Quick stroll outside and now he's having a graham cracker and watching Chugginton on TV.  He loves trains. He played 'Operation' this morning. Loved that he could make a continual buzz if he kept the needle inside.  Ha!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Halfway thru August

It was a busy weekend. Jenni brought the twins over to go school clothes shopping. They arrived late Friday night and left Sunday morning.  Maddie went out on a date Sat. night with a boy from Bellevue she met at the Fort Flagler Running Camp she went to a while back.
H&M showed me some of the clothes and shoes they bought.  Man oh man, am I glad I don't have teenagers.  Good thing they're both working too. Mary gave them a little cash and I did too. Maddie had a $50 gift certificate to some fancy running store and she got some real good deals there. They gave her a discount for being on a running team and another discount for spending over $50.  Everything she got was super cute.  Hunter showed me some underwear he paid $7.50 a pair for!  Good Lord!  When I was a kid, we got to look through the Sears & Roebuck catalog and try to find a couple outfits.  Our list always got shaved way down. Dad just couldn't afford it.

Jenni bought some Christmas ornaments for gifts in December. My favorite was this one...
One of Jake's favorite things to do is play in the front seat of the car and "drive".  It can occupy him for a half hour or more.  He turns on the blinkers, flashers, wipers, and honks the horn.  Monkeys with anything that moves.  Saturday, Mary asked Hunter if he would babysit Jake while she got ready for a party. Said to get his quad out and let him ride it in the driveway.  Well, Jake rode to the bottom of the driveway, climbed off and headed for Mary's car that was parked in the street.  Wanted to get in and he did.

Here's a shot of Jenni and the twins on Saturday before Maddie's date.
And here's Mary and Andy as they get ready to go to a house party.
Jake and I spent the day together today.  At one point, I found an old broom handle in the garage and decided I would use it to help me get down the steps easier on their back deck. Jake came a runnin' as soon as he saw it. I think he figured it was something I found for HIM!
Sunday, Catie picked me up and we met Mary Gaboury at Muckleshoot Casino to play bingo.
We didn't win but it was nice to get together.  We stopped at Walmart in Renton on the way home.
My, what a lousy store!  Dirty, crowded, noisy, a horrible experience. Catie says it's in a bad neighborhood which probably accounted for the cop car just sitting outside.

Kind of interesting to observe Catie finding the casino.  Her phone wasn't working that well so she hooked mine up and used the GPS which talked us right to the door.  I really should learn how that works.

A teenage girl came by to meet Jake today.  She's going to babysit starting Wednesday and will work all next week.  Mary is looking for a daycare but may decide to go the nanny route instead.  Having a nanny is a HUGE job.  You have to pay payroll taxes, provide her meals, vacation, etc....just like having a regular employee. Not to mention the background checks you have to do.  And it isn't a cheap way to go either. Very expensive. She's stressed trying to get this whole thing up and running. I hope she finds a good daycare.  I'll be here Wed-Fri with the teenager and I think she's glad about that. Mary will take me back to my car on Sat. morning early.  I may have to come back after Labor Day if nothing is settled on daycare by then.

By the way, I meant to mention...have you heard of the 'Just for U' Safeway website?  You sign up using your Safeway card, making sure your number,name, and phone number all match.  You click on the ads you see online and it registers to your card so when you go through checkout, you automatically get the reduced price.  They also monitor what kind of stuff you buy and tell you "online" what you can get that product for in the store.  This info isn't for general shoppers...just you.
Jenni told me about it. Check it out.  Your points add up and that gives you additional sale prices too.

Well, dinner is ready. Mary fixed shrimp with pasta. Yum!