My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


For weeks I've looked for my camera - here and there and everywhere.  Finally gave up.  This morning I grabbed a canvas bag to carry some library books to return and when I got to the library to take the books out so I could put them in the slot, out fell my camera!  I stood there staring at it.  Was speechless because I've torn this place apart looking for that camera and I was sure I had looked in ALL  my bags.  I still can't believe it was in this particular bag as it wasn't one I took when I went to Mary's to spend a few days on the Rocket Van.  I wonder now if it could have possibly been under the seat and was just jarred loose.  I kind of doubt that as I really searched hard in the car.  A mystery it shall reemain but I am thrilled to have it back.

I drove across town to the Morman genealogy library but unfortunately, they had no one there to help me.  The lady suggested I come back at 6 pm tonight or tomorrow.  We'll see.  I decided to stop at Big Lots since I was already on that side of town.  I spent less than $10 and drove across the street to pick up a junior burger at Wendy's.

Nothing much on my agenda today except genealogy searching -- and a nap.  I got up at 5:30 this morning but only because my body hurt laying in bed.  I was still plenty tired but knew I could catch up this afternoon.  Hunter came over yesterday to mow my lawn (mow my dandelions I mean) and we watched a movie on Crackle afterwards.  'Air Force One'.

I watched an episode of Orange is the New Black and Scandal last night but both are continuing to bore me so I think I'll move on.  I've been watching episodes of the History Channel on my Amazon Prime called 'America: the story of us'.  It's holding my interest but then I find I've been drawn to history topics more and more these days.

I started watching a 1977 movie called "Three Women" starring Janice Rule, Sissy Spacek and Shelley Duvall and while it got an 8.5 rating, I found it pretty dull -- and stupid!

Here's a picture Mary sent me of when they were out to dinner with Andy's visiting relatives from Germany.  I can't hardly believe how fast Jacob is growing up.

Well,it looks like  the sun has decided to come out after all today.  Maybe I'll take my nap on the deck.
Or maybe I'll bag a nap altogether and just dig in trying to find the elusive relatives.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday morning

Just finished my daily crossword puzzle on Yahoo. Unfortunately, it was kind of difficult today as I couldn't even get much help using my dictionary.  On the other hand, I suppose I learned a few new words.  Now we'll see how long I remember those words. 'Mission Imposssible III' just started on Netflix.  Hunter is wrapped up in a blanket in a recliner and Sammy is outside running through the dandelions.  Sure hope I get those weeds chopped down today.

Jenni and Wayne went to a concert to see 'Journey' and 'Steve Miller Band' so Hunter arrived here about 8 last night and Maddie spent the day and night with a girl friend.  Actually, Hunter spent most of his time with a girl friend too.  They went to the lavender festival in Sequim with her folks and out to dinner after.  He brought me a bouquet of lavender as well as one for his mom.

He was sleeping (or so I thought) earlier this morning when all of a sudden he arrives in the kitchen and needs to get online.  Like many teens his phone is always with him and it buzzed him when he won a bid on ebay.  He was excited as he had his eye on this fancy Iphone.  Needed a better phone as his other one wasn't getting reception.

Later this morning he'll move my single bed from the back bedroom to the sewing room on the other side of the house.  Will be nice to have one whole room empty and ready for storing stuff I want to sell or donate.  Nothing much on my agenda today as I'm still healing from the nasty flu bug I had last week. I suppose if I had to suffer from an illness, I'd just as soon do it now and not next month when my shoulder surgery is scheduled.

I did manage to get a few household chores done yesterday, though. Probably overdid it but when you've been in bed for days, you get anxious to tidy up and rearrange. Well, some people do.  I decided the table on my back deck wasn't being put to good use as I seldom sit out there or have people over to eat out there.  If I do sit, it's in my lounge chair.  Anyhow, the umbrella inserted in the middle has to be tied down as the wind has a tendency to want to carry it off sometimes.  I took that out and put it back in the garage and then put some of my plants on the table after moving the table nearer the sliding glass door so I can see them better.
Moved my other pots down to the other end of the deck.  Those red ones are attracting hummingbirds pretty well now but I still made fresh nectar for the feeders in the front.
Here's a picture of Sammy claiming one of the chairs as his.
I've been watching various things on Netflix and Amazon but finding that I tire quickly when the characters continue to become more and more sleezy and without morals.  Not that I'm a goody-two shoes but sometimes writers go overboard on what is acceptable and entertaining versus what is a waste of my time.  Orange is the new Black was a big favorite of mine but now...not  so much.  Starting to feel the same about Scandal.

I often tune in old Andy Griffith shows just for background noise when I want something on.  I never tire of ole Barney Fife.  Last night I watched a BBC documentary called 'Walking with Cavemen'.  It was excellent.  May even watch the two-part show again.  I also discovered all the old 50's Alfred Hitchcock Presents shows.  What fun they are.  Corny as hell but entertaining.  Especially seeing the old actors and stage sets.  I got to thinking about Hitchcock and dug up these facts on him at IMDB.

As a child, Hitchcock was sent to the local police station with a letter from his father. The desk sergeant read the letter and immediately locked the boy up for ten minutes. After that, the sergeant let young Alfred go, explaining, "This is what happens to people who do bad things." Hitchcock had a morbid fear of police from that day on. He also cited this phobia as the reason he never learned to drive (as a person who doesn't drive can never be pulled over and given a ticket). It was also cited as the reason for the recurring "wrong man" themes in his films.

In a recent USC class on Hitchcock (fall of 2000), guest speaker Patricia Hitchcock revealed that two guilty pleasures of Hitch's were Smokey and the Bandit and Benji.  (I watched Patricia, his daughter, in one of the 1955  TV shows and she was pretty good as an actress.)

For Psycho (1960), he deferred his standard $250,000 salary in lieu of 60% of the film's net profits. His personal earnings from the film exceeded $15 million. Adjusted for inflation, that amount would now top $150 million in 2006 terms.

A statistical survey he did among audiences revealed that according to moviegoers the most frightening noise in films was the siren of a police patrol-car, followed by the crash of a road accident, cracklings of a burning forest, far galloping horses, howling dogs, the scream of a stabbed woman and the steps of a lame person in the dark.

Regarding  his lifelong fear of eggs (ovophobia), he said:  I'm frightened of eggs, worse than frightened, they revolt me. That white round thing without any holes . . . have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breaking and spilling its yellow liquid? Blood is jolly, red. But egg yolk is yellow, revolting. I've never tasted it.

Walt Disney refused to allow him to film at Disneyland in the early 1960s because Hitchcock had made "that disgusting movie Psycho (1960)".

Nothing on my calendar this week except a trip to the casino on Friday to meet friends for lunch.  I do need a few things from the dollar store and Walmart but I think I'll put it off until tomorrow. Still feeling only so-so and that's a good excuse to stay home.

I'm going to have to spend more time watching videos on YouTube.  I know there must be ways to access information that I'm not getting.  I spend hours some days on one dang relative and come up blank.  Besides the elusive Charlie (my grandpa's youngest brother maybe?), I decided I'd start at the top of his sibling list and begin again with his oldest sister, Georgianna, who married Jacob Stark. I found quite a bit on 3 of their 4 kids but the youngest (who I think was nicknamed Babe) has been a struggle to find.

I know Ailene was born in 1896 or 1897 in Independence,OR and died in Oct 1951 in Alameda, CA.
I also know she married Fred Cole in 1918 in Eugene and that they divorced and he remarried a woman named Nettie.  I could follow Fred a bit as he had a cigar stand in a hotel and later became a hotel manager.  Ailene lived with her mom at a hotel they owned in Eugene after her dad died and in 1930 she was managing (and maybe owned) the Medford Hotel.

At some point she married a guy named either Vincent or John McBride but I haven't been able to find out what state they married in or when they married.  I also can't figure out why she was in Alameda, CA when she died.  Have to do some more digging, I suppose.  Once I start to focus on someone, it becomes kind of obsessive and I want to know more.  Would love to have photos of all these people too. Here's a "possible" picture of her with her mom, Georgie. If this isn't Ailene, then it could be her older sister, Inez.  She's another one I'm puzzled about.  I did find a whole lot of info on her but I want to know why she died in Baltimore Maryland.
Well, the trees across the way are blowing pretty good now so I guess it's not going to get too warm.
Probably going to need a nap before the day is over as I didn't sleep that well last night.  Goofy dreams again.  A usual dreamscape has me participating in the Rhody Parade.  I won't go into detail about what happened last night but it was weird beyond words.  Like dreams can be.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Guess where I've been

IN BED!  Boring way to spend a nice summer week.  Couldn't believe how nasty this flu bug overtook me and laid me low.  It was miserable!  I'm on the mend (I think) but I'm still not good enough to hop in the car and go out and about.  Maybe in another day or two.

Plan on hitting the casino with friends next Friday and then my class picnic two weeks after that in Port Ludlow.  Still thinking on driving to PT the weekend after that.  I do enjoy the county fair but I'll have to play it by ear.  The weekend after that is more driving as I head over to visit my cousin in Tacoma.
Mary will pick me up there and guide me into Renton where I'll stay through the month.  Maybe longer. Depends on how well my arm is moving.

Total shoulder replacement is scheduled for Aug. 20 at Swedish branch in Issaquah.  Doctor says I'll have to stay one or two nights but I thought it was in and out the same day.

The twins are 14 years old today. Went through my picture collection to see what would be fun to post.

They got back from Lake Cushman with Mary and Andy and several other people yesterday. I'm still waiting to see pictures but I know they had fun. They go every year.

My oldest granddaughter, Catie, recently took a business trip to San Francisco for her job. (we're so proud of her!) Here's some of the photos she took...

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday, another day of rest

Had a pretty crummy night.  Must have been something I ate or maybe even the coffee I was drinking. I was sick in bed with a horrible case  of gastritis from about 11 pm to 4 a.m.  Miserable.  Now I'm tired but at least those stomach pains have left.  Just feeling a tad "off".  Will probably end up taking a recliner nap before the afternoon is over.

I've got golf playing on tv although I did sit and watch a couple of movies earlier.  The Muppets take Manhattan and Guarding Tess.  Tried out the HuluPlus station on my Roku device as the first week is free and then it's $8 a month.  It's similar to Netflix and Amazon so I'll wait and see if I feel there's enough variety to keep all three.  Last night I watched a movie called The Maid.  It was a Spanish film (with subtitles) filmed in Chile.  Usually, foreign movies aren't my favorite but I've found that if you give them enough time, they're often worth the watch.  This one was 2009 and I enjoyed it a lot.

I had the fan running in the bedroom last night but it never did get too uncomfortable. There's a slight breeze blowing today too, so I'm hoping it continues.  Have decided to spend a little time on ancestry today and begin work again on finding info on my grandfather's siblings.  Otherwise, I'll probably hang out in my recliner and watch movies and do some cross stitch and crochet.

Today is my ex-husband's 70th birthday.  Mary posted a picture she took of him when he came over to visit her last week.
I looked over my old diary notes to see if I could find anything interesting for July 12 but as usual, my diary notes were lame.  I did find a 1982 notation that said: John is 38.  Town Tavern caught on fire.

I forgot to post the picture I took of Ruth yesterday that I took when I visited her on Thursday. I had posted it on FB but I forget that many people don't visit that website.  Anyhow, here she is....
Just looked over my calendar and see that I have nothing noted as far as activities except to drive to Brinnon on Thursday morning to pick up the twins from Mary, who is taking them to Lake Cushman with two of their friends. It's a camping vacation they take every year with Mary & Andy's crowd. Another friend of Mary's is coming from Atlanta with her husband and son to join them.  Should be a good time.

The only other note on my social calendar is our class picnic at Jovags house in Port Ludlow on Aug. 2.  Otherwise, August will be pretty much devoted to doctor appointments, an EKG, surgery, and post-op doctor visit. Oh joy!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Traffic, visits, the heat

It's 10:30 a.m. and I've been up for three hours.  Temperature is pleasant but I know it's going to get uncomfortable as the day moves along.  I'm preparing myself.  I could hook up my large a/c unit on wheels but I can't use it when my shoulder is this messed up 'cause I need to lift it to a table so I can empty the water tray underneath.  Maneuvering it to a window and attaching the hoses and such would also require physical activity I'd best forget about for now.  I'll make do with the three fans I have.  I can always set them up in my bedroom, lay on the bed, and watch tv, read, or listen to an audio book.

For now I'm fine at the kitchen table with the sliding glass door open allowing a breeze to waft on through.  I cooked up two pieces of fish and 2 chicken legs so I don't have to have the oven on later when it's too warm.  Been thinking I might make a sandwich  with lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a thin fish fillet. It kinda sounds not that yummy but I don't have any bacon so it will have to do. I have ice cream and root beer on hand, too, for the float I'm gonna want later.

Just noticed a hummingbird fly in for the flowers I have on my back deck.  I LOVE these red crocosmias, also known as falling stars and copper tips. (I had to look it up)

I finally got in to see the orthopedic surgeon in Issaquah yesterday.  Had to have yet more x-rays and need to go back for a pre-op appt.  on Aug. 18 with surgery scheduled for Aug. 20. They'll do a shoulder replacement and he thinks I'll need to stay overnight, maybe two nights even.  I'll recuperate at Mary's and go back for another check on Aug. 29.  I "might" get to drive home that weekend but it all depends on how I'm doing.  I'm not keen on being on the freeway for Labor Day weekend but I'll play it by ear and take one step at a time.  I know I'll need to go back for another check (maybe two checks) but again....I'll deal with the travel issue one day at a time.

It wasn't that bad driving to Bainbridge Island really.  I left at 5 a.m. to give myself lots of time in case there was road work, an accident, or the bridge was open.  I wanted to catch the 8 a.m. boat and of course, I got there in time for the 7 a.m. boat.  Ha!  I walked on it anyhow and called Mary to tell her I was arriving sooner than I thought.  She picked me up down on the waterfront (Jake was with her so that was nice) and we drove to Bellevue to check him into daycare.

Then it was off to Issaquah and breakfast at the 12th Street Cafe.  Yummy food!  Met a lady from Manhattan and we shared NY memories.  She was from Manhattan itself but lives in Maple Valley now.  The girl at the appt. desk at the doctor's office said her folks had a summer home at Beckett Point so I asked her who they were.  Come to find out, she's a relative of my dad's old pal (and mine) --Harry Gauthier.

Mary took me back to the ferry and I only had to wait maybe 20 minutes or so.  Picked up a Subway sandwich for myself and Ruthie, who I intended to stop and see in Poulsbo.  I also took her some brownies I had made.  She's more than ready to be released and wants to come home in the worst way. I know she needs a full time caregiver onsite first and I hope it happens as she is not a happy camper. I did notice her left arm was moving better and she says she's walking better too.

As I left there, I spied a $5 bill in the parking lot.  That never happens to me.  I decided to stop at 7 Cedars by the time I got to Blyn because I needed to use the restroom. Plus I had that $5 eating a hole in my pocket.  I also needed to take a break to wash off my sticky steering wheel.  I was hungry while driving and took a plum out of the ice chest.  Bad idea.  Drippy mess.

I was listening to a book on tape by Lee Child so the trip home was fairly quick and easy.  Seems like you always get home quicker than you get to your destination when driving there.  Traffic was heavy but then it is summertime, afterall.  On my trip over to Seattle on the ferry, I noticed most commuters were quiet and lost in their reading material or Ipads, etc.  Not the guy I was unfortunately sitting near, however.  He never shut up once.  And he wanted to make sure everybody around him knew he was educated.  Most boring conversation I've had to listen to in a long time.  He couldn't even swear like a normal person.  He referred to something (political) as horse manure. ha ha  Another guy near me who obviously wanted to nap got up and moved.  I should have too.

I did okay at the casino.  Put $20 in the slots and took away $33.  Would have preferred $83 but I was contented enough with a $13 bonus.  Stopped at Safeway to buy a few things because I knew it was going to be hot the next few days and I didn't relish leaving the house if I didn't have to.

Here's a picture Mary posted on FB today of her and Jake.  I just can't get enough of looking at him.

I posted a very yellow and brown picture of my back yard on FB this morning. Now I think I'll post another photo of how well the yard can look.  What a difference!

Here's a song by one of my favorite singers --

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Grandkids, aunts,uncles, cousins, & me

My cousin, Bonnie Zeliff, stopped in yesterday with her husband and son, Tom and Taz. They're on their way to California in their motor home and spent the night on my street.  Was  fun to compare notes and pictures on our ancestry files.  They live in Pomeroy and Taz recently returned from Tenn. where he attended a conference on computers and Excel.  I took advantage of having a computer whiz teen in the house and he helped me with a few things.

Bonnie showed me how to scan pictures at a higher resolution.  Always nice to learn new things.  She showed me how I can zoom in better on picture details if I crop and scan at a setting like 1200 dpi.  I practiced on this picture I have of my aunt Velna (her grandma) that was taken at a Gig Harbor beach in the 60's.  I now see the paper bag is from Thriftway.  tee hee  Bonnie sold her print shop and is now retired.  She spends her days working on a very large garden. They can and freeze almost all their own food.  She doesn't eat dairy or wheat so and is very conscious of the chemicals and additives in our food these days.  They both are very up on political subjects. Was interesting talking to them.

I also scanned in some pictures of aunts and uncles.  Here's Jim and Lillian on their wedding day in Port Townsend.  Interesting fact on Jim and Lillian (well, interesting to me because I love looking up data like that)is that they were married in 1944 at a house on 49th St.  They lived their entire life 1 mile away on 19th & Haines and in 1994 they had their 50th wedding anniversary a mile up the street from their house.  Lillian died five years later, and Jim died nine years after that in Vancouver, WA where he was living with his son, Jimmy, and his wife, Holly. Jim died April 11, 2008, and Bonnie's dad, Claude Walker, died on April 11, 2005.

Another picture I came across was of my uncle Lyall, Aunt Velna, and Aunt Elva. This photo was taken at Velna's place but I'm not sure where she was living then. Maybe an apartment in Bellingham.

I posted a picture on FB of my grandkids when they went to Great Wolf Lodge recently.  It occurred to me that I probably have two whole pictures in my collection of me in a bathing suit.  One in 1951 in the backyard of our house on 22nd Streeet, and another in 1963 at a beach in Oregon. I was never comfortable posing in a bathing suit (for obvious reasons) and even in '63, I had to cover up with a blanket.  I do recall, however, that it was cold and windy that day.

I've spent the last few days browsing here and there online at free genealogy websites but wasn't having much luck finding anything.  I plan to get myself across town to the Morman Church library as soon as I feel a little better. Meanwhile, I signed back up for today.  Only for a month, though.

I got my hair trimmed this afternoon.  I was going to try (again) to let it grow out some and try to curl it, but it's been so hard to  get my arms over my head, I decided the hell with it.  After I left there, I stopped at the corner grocery to cash in a couple of Hit Five tickets that were winners. ($12)  Made me chuckle when I heard the new thing they have on the cash register now when they check your numbers to see if you've won anything.  The tune "We're in the money"  plays. (if you've won)

Guess I'll head over to my recliner now.  Bonnie's husband has had surgery on both his shoulders so he told me what to expect.  It's a tad more than I thought.  Have to wear a sling that holds your arm next to your body and physical therapy can take 3 months.  He says it is uncomfortable and painful at times but I've been putting up with so much discomfort for so long, I figure it can't be any worse than what I'm already experiencing.

He also said you don't have to spend the night, but you're pretty helpless on your own for a while. I'm glad I get to stay at Mary and Andy's.  Knowing me, I will miss my own home, though, so I'm hoping I won't have to intrude on them longer than two weeks or so.  Maybe even less.  Just have to play it by ear.  Tomorrow morning (like 5 a.m.) I'm heading over to  the ferry to walk on so Mary can pick me up downtown and take me to the clinic in Issaquah.  I plan on stopping in Silverdale on the way home to visit Ruth.  If I can find the place by myself, that is. Maybe I'll go look at google maps again to make sure.  I made her a small batch of brownies.  Hmmmm...maybe I should have put some pot in them. That would cheer her up.

My sister called all excited and happy this morning because Medicare approved her for a hovercraft or whatever you call those motorized wheel chairs that are so popular.  That will be good for her morale. She's pretty confined to her apartment 'cause it's so hard for her to get around.

Monday, July 7, 2014

On the computer

I probably shouldn't have moved my computer out here to the kitchen. I find I'm on more than usual, just because it's comfortable to sit here and put my leg up and have the tv or music playing.  And  having the sliding glass door open blowing a breeze on me doesn't hurt either.  Still, I do need to get a handle on how much I'm online.  Just so easy to jump around from one thing to another to keep myself amused.
Got a video in an email from Linda and Mel Farina yesterday and it was kinda cute.

I watched a Netflix movie last night with Matthew McConaughey called Mud.  It was pretty good. One of the characters (Sam Shepard) was named Tom Blankenship.  A few nights back I watched this Norwegian movie called Escape.  I was surprised it held my interest all the way to the end because it was in a foreign language and it had no subtitles to read. I don't usually give those kind of flicks much attention.

While browsing the net, I came across this interesting website:
It just goes around the world showing you scenes of the countryside.  Kinda cool.

I had to make a few errands today.  8 of them!  Felt sorry for this little old lady at the local grocery store. She was in the back where I was near the post office substation and was trying to use their copier. It was out of ink and it was especially busy in there so getting help was hit and miss.  That store needs to be twice the size it is as far as the main area where you pay.  Way too congested to maneuver. Doesn't help that they sell hot food there too.  The parking lot is one of the worst in town.  The lady I mentioned discovered as she was leaving that a big dent had been put in the side of her passenger door. At least the girl who did it stayed to exchange info.  I dread using that parking lot but it's the only place you can mail a package without having to go to the post office.  And I hate the post office more.

I've had music playing all day long.  Have Pandora set to shuffle so I'm getting a real good mix.  Looked up CCR as I was curious about how they got their name. Found this on Google.....

Tom Fogerty's friend Credence Newball, whose name they changed to form the word creed (as in creed); a television commercial for Olympia beer ("clear water"); and the four members' renewed commitment to their band. And I stopped to watch my favorite Chuck Berry video on YouTube.

Thursday morning I'm leaving the house at 5 a.m. to make sure I catch the ferry I need in Bainbridge. Have I already mentioned this? Probably.

Well, enough for now.  If you get a chance, I submitted a new post on my Town Kid blog yesterday.