My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay

Friday, April 18, 2014

Up Early Today

I tried again last night to convince my body that she'd enjoy a night of sleep in bed instead of in the recliner.  I even sat up in bed to read a while (and I haven't done that in ages).  I was feeling okay so I thought for sure I was going to get to stay put.  But nope.  Within minutes, my shoulders, neck and arms were uncomfortable to the point where I knew I had to switch back to the recliner.  So be it.  At least for now.

Even going to sleep has its own ritual now.  Depending on whether I'm chilly or too warm, I have to have a certain pair of pajamas, have to have my fleece blanket (or my comforter),  have to have water next to the chair, have to have heated rice packs for my shoulders and neck, have to have certain socks on, and now I've added "have to have a heating pad nearby."  Lordy!   How did this happen?

I  woke up at 5:30 and even though I was still plenty tired, I thought I'd try something different today and get up and get moving.  I sleep walked through the house opening blinds, putting away blankets, starting the coffee pot, etc. etc.  I knew I had some genealogy work to do online and I was kind of anxious to get on with it.

I've had so little success finding my great uncle Charlie that I switched gears and went back to my g. grandmother, Jane Downs' side of the family.  I decided to concentrate on her sister, Henrietta Morris, since I have a copy of a letter that Henny wrote her sister in 1896.  Much to my delight, I received a message back from a woman I found on ancestry who was researching this line of my family as well.
We've been emailing and she sent me what data she has on Henrietta (who is her g.g. grandmother)

I got an email from a close friend of my daughter, Mary, who in turn, has a friend that is selling "my old pink house."  She has an offer on the house, and said the realtor would give me a tour before the sale is final if I can get to town before May 5.  Well, I just happen to be going to town on May 4 so I intend to take that tour.  Anybody want to tag along?  Might as well make it worth the realtor's time.

I keep thinking I want to head over to the Deer Park Theatre this weekend to catch a matinee.  I'll  have to read the reviews first, though.  Going to the movies is hard on my budget unless I'm definitely entertained.  Want to see Noah.

I started reading a book my James Michener last night.  A memoir called "The world is my home."  What little I've read so far has held my interest.

Oh dear, I've done nothing but yawn for the last hour.  I know what that means.  Another nap on the agenda.  Sigh.....

Pictures for the day:

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I love The Music Man

For some reason I have ALWAYS loved this song from The Music Man.

This morning, another Music Man song popped into my head and I had to go to You Tube and listen.

Not much to report. Wrote letters and emails, worked on, surfed the net, worked a crossword puzzle, took a nap, and now I'm gonna fix supper.

Naps seem to have become a part of my daily routine.  I'm not always pleased about it either. Waste of time because I have things to do.  Yet... I still know my body wants more rest.  I just resent it.  I've also noticed that more than once, I've had a hell of a time forcing myself to get up after an hour (sometimes longer) of sleeping in my recliner.

My dad slept a lot in his later years.  Perhaps that's what I'm thinking about.  He died in April five years ago.  Since I sleep in the room he had, his memory is always with me.  I don't know why I can't just go with the flow and accept the fact that age happens, the body tires, habits change, and blah blah blah. I need to lighten up.  Both mentally and physically.  ha ha  And just typing those words makes me want to eat.  Yep!  Definite eating  disorder.

Here's pictures:

Well, the yawning has kicked in again so I'd best get up and get moving.  That's another thing I hate about naps.  You feel groggy and tired afterwards.  I wonder if I need vitamins or at least some vitamin in particular.  Fatigue is such a common symptom, you can't even google it.

Here's a view from my sliding glass door a few minutes ago ....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

2004 Issue

Linda Farina sent me an old Reminisce Magazine that she recently came across in Tennessee.  Said she was really surprised to see my name on one of the pages.  Thanks for sending it, Linda.  I sent this in ten years ago.  Nice to know it's still circulating around.
(click to enlarge)  I hope...  I never know anymore.

Busy Day...Sorta...

I ran down to "Port Angeles' Penny Saver" to mail a package and decided to get half a dozen stamps as long as I was there.  Several hours later, it popped into my head that I paid for the stamps and didn't wait to have them given to me.  (she forgot too)  Luckily, I'm in there enough that they know me and I could explain on the phone why I would be back this afternoon to get the the envelope at their front counter.  Hate it when I do that as it's just another reminder of being absent minded more frequently.  You wouldn't believe how I concentrate on what I'm doing when I go to the garage to take off in the car.  I make sure I do all the steps in order so as not to go crashing through the door without opening it. I also have to make sure I shut the damn door when I leave.  And at night I have to check to make sure that I didn't leave it wide open before going to bed.  I don't have any doubt that this whole remembering issue is going to get more pronounced as I age.  I try to laugh about it but it's still mighty unsettling.

Have noticed my tulips just are thriving like they did last year.  I probably should read up on how to care for them.  My cousin, Marlee, sent me pictures of her tulips and they're beautiful.  Winter before last I dug up all the bulbs in the raised flower bed and put them in the garage and then replanted.  Then I was told I didn't really need to do that -- so I didn't.  This year only a few came up and I guess it's because I didn't fertlize?  I don't know.  I've never been that great at playing in the dirt and knowing what I'm doing.

After visiting Ruth at Poulsbo yesterday, we went to our usual lunch place in Silverdale (Red Robin). Think I'd like to try something different next time.  I was disappointed with their watery bland clam chowder and I thought the prices were a tad high too.

Ruth was up and moving around in her wheel chair and we didn't visit that long as she wanted to go to lunch upstairs.  I think she may be moving to the permanent floor upstairs soon as it's a little cheaper and she still has a lot of therapy to tackle to get to the point where she can go home with a caregiver.

After dropping off Joanne and Linda at the Beaver Valley Visitor Center, I drove back to Sequim to do some shopping. Unfortunately, both places were the big box stores and I had to tramp from one end to the other hunting for the few items I needed.  I got a $14 package of cod fillets and separated them into 7 packages this morning for the freezer.  I also picked up 4 packages of ground turkey and a large box with 3 frozen pizzas. (thin crust chicken barbeque I think?)  That ought to keep me going for a while.

Took me forever and a day to find the caterpillar spray at Walmart.  Irks me that you can never find clerks on the floor and even when you do spot one, they never know where the item is you need.  Well, I wont' get started on Walmart's lack of customer service.  We all know they fail miserably.

I'm going to go to the chiropractor this afternoon.  Collected my various x-ray and mri reports so he can look them over and we can discuss whether or not he thinks he can help.  Some days (like today) I'm not bothered all that much with arm and shoulder pain.  I get my hopes up and then the next day, I can be suffering to beat the band all over again.  I just don't get it!

As I looked around for the various test results, I realized that I was keeping a whole lot of medical JUNK I really don't need.  Mostly medicare and AARP payment reports that I can't figure out half the time anyhow.  I think I'm going to do some weeding out this week.

I noticed a large city utlities truck parked in front of my house and then I started hearing churgling noises in my sink and toilet.  I went out to see what they were doing and they said they were just cleaning out sewer pipes.  So I took a couple pictures.  Ha!

Here's some interesting things I got in emails or saw on Facebook.....

A falcon resting in a tree....

A couple of "good timing" photos:

And here's a guy that was on Ellen with a super card trick...amazing!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Afternoon Delight

What would I do without the help of good ole grandson, Hunter.  He uses my ebay account to buy and sell so my lawn cutting cost me nothing out of pocket today 'cause  he owed me $20.  He's a big wheeler dealer with car parts and coins.
Thankfully, he's got a keen eye too.  He found my two trees had tiny caterpillars nesting.  We got out the spray and let 'em have it!  I hope they don't become the nuisance they did last year.
Here the before and after shots of the front and back....

I worked for about an hour doing odds and ends outside and inside and now my arm is hurting to beat the band.  I guess I had it in my head that exercise might help.  Nope!  Not today.

Here's the latest picture that arrived of Jake.  Man, is he growing like a weed!

I posted a very short video on FB that I took this morning from my deck.  It's more amusing because of my stupid laugh at the end than the action of the video itself.  Tree cutting nearby.

Lawn Cutting Day

So glad the sun stuck around for another day. Hunter is going to cut my lawn this afternoon.  First, though, I have to convince him to get up.  I'll wait.  It's going to be wretched work. I'll have to post before and after.

Trip into Port Townsend was tiring.  I knew it would be but I was glad I made the effort. I didn't take many pictures.  I suspect because I was preoccupied with my shoulder hurting so dang much.  Had bad wake-up pain at 1 and 4 a.m. and I've got my hopes on the orthopedic guy figuring out what the problem is.  I think I'll go back to the chiropractor this week too since I can't get into Dr. Ortho until next month!

I've already posted these on facebook but I know several people don't visit that website.  (You should, though; you never know when interesting photos are going to be posted)
 a view of 19th Street from Judi Robbins' apartment across the street from Kai Tai Care Center.
 My Uncle Jim's old house at the bottom of 19th.  I spent many years playing here.
 A view of the swamp (which actually looks awfully nice)
 Mountain view from Walmart parking lot in Sequim
 Cousins Tiffany (and her son Karston) from Albany. This is my cousin Denny's youngest daughter. She's always reminded me of my cousin Sue.  I wish we lived closer. I know we'd be pals.

 Sue's boy, Tyler Johnson and his daughter Lydia talking to Barb Hicks Kennedy.  Was so nice to see  Barb and her husband, Mike.
Another view of the mountains -- just because I love looking at them.

I stopped in to visit Judi Robbins and took a picture of her on her deck. I wouldn't mind living there.
Here's the one I took yesterday and another from the same spot a few years back.

I picked up a couple of Redskin shirts for a friend of mine and bought myself a PT shirt while downtown.  A tad overpriced but I wanted it.

I was too tired to cook dinner last night so the twins and I went to Safeway and all picked what we wanted from the deli. Hunter had spent the day working in his backyard clearing tree branches and such, while Maddie's day was spent at a softball jamboree at Lincoln Park.

Here's two more "perfect timing" pictures I got in an email last week...

My cousin, Cindy, wrote me a memory piece recently and I decided to share on my blog. I love her writing.

Life is funny...As I grow (older...Yes, I do), I learn things, but mostly I reflect on things.

I grew up in a huge house on the water; mother had a glorious dining room with all her nice things...A buffet full of linens and silverware, a china cabinet filled with her good dishes and serving bowls and glassware.  I had no appreciation for what she had when I was a kid. I used to grumble when she'd drag out all her good china and set a pretty table every Sunday.  I grumbled because somebody, ME, was going to have to help put it all back.  "Mom", I'd say, "JUST put the potatoes on the table in the pot, don't dirty a bowl!"  She'd have none of that, but it made perfect sense to me.  Today, it does not make perfect sense, as I prepare a birthday luncheon for my beautiful daughter-in-law.  No pots on the table people.  This is a class act.   Yes, I have nice things.  I have china and silverware.  I have serving dishes and yes I have her china cabinet.  But I have no dining room.  

This  is  a recent photo her sister, Marlee, sent me when she was out walking in Gig Harbor....

 Here's a couple Mary sent me of  when they took his folks to Snoqualmie Falls.

Oh....found two more I wanted to share.  Rick Crawford took this one at the funeral yesterday of Tiffany, Mike, Karston, and Barbara.
And George Cadero sent me this one of a Seattle scene.  Terrific  shot!
I ended up buying a $24 pair of sunglasses yesterday.  Normally, I wouldn't spend that much but my old
clunky (put on over your regular glasses) just weren't doing the trick.  The glare from other cars while driving gave me a headache and I realized my old cheap glasses (which always looked dorky anyhow) needed to be replaced.  If I ever get my hair looking halfway decent, I'll post a picture of the old ones and the new ones.  Don't hold your breath, though.  My hair never looks worth a darn these days.

The traffic in PT  continues to be an irritant!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Grandkids at Granny's House

It was almost like they weren't even here half the time.  I picked them up at school yesterday at 5 pm as they both had track practice.  They wanted to go home for a while and attend to homework and projects so I dropped them off and waited for a phone call to tell me they were ready to come over for the night.
That  call didn't come until almost 8 pm but they're awfully self-reliant and they knew I was only two blocks over.

Hunter wanted to finish his homemade car (a science class project I think).  It had to actually move to get a good grade.  Hunter's took off across the room after he wound this string around the back wheel axis. Maddie (who said her team wasn't that good) figured Hunter's car would win the contest easily as their car wasn't even mobile.

After dinner, they pretty much had their faces glued to their phones as they read  facebook and texted friends.  I thought:  "Well, if this is the extent of the conversation we're  going to have, I might as well go ahead and watch Dexter."   I had planned on waiting until they went to bed since the language and scenes can get to be a bit much.  Anyhow, they weren't intrigued  or even interested in what I was watching. Maddie thought it was a horror show and that  Dexter was a serial killer. She was surprised I was even watching it.  I suspect she thought I was just into nature shows  and the news. I corrected her by saying that Dexter killed serial killers; he wasn't a serial killer himself and that this was actually quality TV.

I was up at least three times during the night  but was able to get back to sleep each time in the recliner.
When I finally woke up at 7:15, I thought "Oh no, the kids are going to be late."   Both were up, dressed, and packing  their backpacks - so quietly I didn't even hear them.  Maddie had a bowl of cereal 'cause she gets embarrassed if her stomach growls in class.  Hunter didn't want anything because he didn't want to spoil his appetite for the doughnuts that were being provided this morning at some assembly.

I handed the kids this bag of mini candy bar bites and suggested they take them to school to hand out to their friends as I wanted to get them out of the house.  I laughed when Maddie said: "Grandma!  That's just weird!  Besides we'd have to let someone inspect it first."   Oh.... just a thought--  my, how times have changed.

We  left the house around 7:55 for the trip to Stevens Junior High.

They groaned as I pulled out my camera and asked me why I felt the need to take their picture going to school.
"Because my blog has been extra boring lately and all I've had is pictures of trees, grass, birds, and things I've got in emails."

Pictures like this --

I set some things in the driveway yesterday with a "free" sign on them.  The two stools were grabbed by the neighbor kid next door but I had to bring the TV stand and file box back to the garage.

I watched a very interesting video on Youtube yesterday about what caused the Oso landslide. Makes sense  too.  Clear-cutting higher up on the mountain.

My phone just rang but then the caller disappeared before I could answer.  I called back and it was Linda P. who had hit my name by accident on her cell phone.  I told her I had done the exact same thing yesterday when I called Mary N after hanging up  on  another call from my sister.  These cell phones are a blessing SOMETIMES and a real pain in the butt other times.  Seems like just yesterday when my house phone  would ring its loud RINGGGG!!!! and I'd have to go running to answer it. I told her I suspected we weren't the only senior citizens struggling with cell phones these days.

About the only thing I got accomplished yesterday was two loads of laundry and a Town Kid blog post on the PT Leader website called 'All my rowdy friends have settled down.'  Read at ( the blogs heading at the top.

Here's another "good timing" photo that I got in an email..............

I got an email via yesterday from this woman who is also researching Blankenships. She had quite a bit of data but nothing on Charlie so she's going to look into it as well.  I've got to get my new clues updated onto my genealogy blog so that others might land on it and help too.

I pick up the kids at 5, take Maddie home to change into her softball clothes, take her to practice at Dry Creek (or  Lincoln Park?) and then pick her up again at 7:30.  I guess my plans of having her help me sweep out the garage and vacuum the car are down the tube. Too many sports practices dashing my hopes.  Tomorrow, the other grandma will have to take her to the jamboree as I plan on driving into PT for a funeral and other errands.  Hunter wants to hang out at his house and work on his tractor. Then he'll call his grandpa Ed to come get him until I return later in the day.

Here's the latest from the newest member of the family... he's wearing his Dude shirt. Mary went back to work this week so they're all adjusting to new routines.  She was extremely weepy the first day.