My hometown as seen from the Bay

My hometown as seen from the Bay

Thursday, April 24, 2014


I saw my first goldfinch arrive today.  Been watching for hours off and on to see if any return so I can get a picture.  Also notice the yellow scotch broom is filling in across the street.

My knee pillow arrived today and I'm looking forward to using it tonight.  I haven't been all that pleased with the wedge triangle pillow but I'll try it a while and see if I can adapt.
I got very little accomplished today.   Just remembered that the laundry is waiting for me on my bed so I'd best get it done and over with.

Made an appt to get my oil changed on Monday and see an ENT doctor on May 6 -- am seeing the orthopedic guy in the morning in Sequim and the ear guy in the afternoon in PA.  Yeah, it's an exciting life I'm leading these days.

I scanned in the newspaper picture of Hunter but I probably should have hooked up my old computer and scanner to do it as my new one doesn't reproduce as well.

 And here's a picture of  Jacob who turned 4 months old yesterday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cat Fight

The neighbor next door has three cats.  The oldest one, a big black scruffy looking thing has been engaging an ongoing battle with me about where she sits to stalk my birds.  First thing in the morning I peek out the window of this room (the only window that looks out to the front and the street) to see if she's positioned herself under the bush near the porch to await the birds who come in to feed.

I open the door, she runs off and stands in her driveway as if to say "Catch me if you can!" The whole block across the street is bushes and scotch broom and weeds and trees.  A huge area she can hunt to her hearts' content.  Yesterday I saw her walking home with a big ole snake in her mouth that she had captured over there.  The grass is tall and I'm betting she doesn't want to get wet which is why she prefers the easy hunt of my yard.

Well, I got tired of this game long ago so today I gathered up "stuff" and set it around under the bush to discourage nesting there.

Looks cluttered and not at all professional but I'm at war here and have to use whatever ammo I can find.  I really need to get out there and pull weeds and weedeat.  I moved a couple bird feeders in the area this morning but I'll need to move them to the porch when I go to bed at night so the deer don't come feasting. Course I have to be real careful as this is how I managed to fall last July.  At least now I can just stand on the porch to move the feeders and I don't have to walk around out there.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get going on the weeds.

 this is how I decorate.....  Course those damn dandelions don't it justice.  Ha ha

Had an aid call near the house this morning.  Saw a fire engine and ambulance go by and they stopped over near the area where the wood choppers are working.  I half think it might have been my neighbor down the street who walks by every day with her dog, Cody.  Only reason I think that is because I heard a dog barking the whole time the ambulance was stopped.  The guy living next door to her had walked by earlier so maybe it was him.  I'll find out eventually.

Going to the doctor tomorrow morning.  Not my regular as I can seldom get in to see her on a timely basis.  I like this guy, though; I've been to him before.  Want to get my left leg/ankle checked out because I've noticed some edema.  Not a lot but enough that I noticed it was bigger than the right leg.
My poor body is just having a hell of a time with this aging process.  I really need to step it up and get some weight off.  And I wonder how many times I've said that through the years!

Just talked on the phone with Rennie Bergstrom who told me the story of his wife's family --the Blankenships. I'm going to research them a little but they were from Montana and Texas so I don't think it my line.  He had some interesting stories, though.

Went over to Phyllis Johnson Kendall's shop called Filbygolly that is a few blocks over.  She has nice stuff and has a sale a few times a year.  Does well too.  The place was busy with browsers.  Saw
Sharon Wiley working  there. Her and Phyl are friends from when Phyllis worked at the theatre in town.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Carpet Cleaning & Pillow Wedges

I got my carpets cleaned yesterday morning thanks to Mary and it looks soooooo nice.

While he was here, the Fed-X truck arrived with a wedge pillow I had ordered on Amazon.
I was really hoping it would allow me to sleep in my bed as I'm weary of the recliner.  It was hard getting used to and I found myself getting up to try different pillows under and around it. That little pillow  to the right is filled with buckwheat hulls and I've had it for years but used it very little --- until I started having these neck and shoulder issues.

It's a lifesaver because it fits under my neck (not the shoulders) and on the back of my head.  Somehow it seems to alleviate the shoulder and neck pain.  I tried the wedge with a pillow under it as I didn't like the way I laid back on it.  I'll continue to try it with and without a pillow under. I also put pillows on each side of me under my arms as that seems to help.

My low back was acting up something awful (probably from the furniture I pushed around earlier) so I put a couple pillows under my knees too.  I ended up trying three different pillows to get comfortable so I think I'm going to order a knee wedge today as nothing worked for me.  I'm not giving up on the back wedge pillow 'cause I think I can get used to it over time.

I really miss being able to just plain lay in bed with an ordinary pillow and stretch out to my hearts' delight.  I certainly never would have thought going to bed was ever going to be a problem.  I see the chiropractor in a couple of hours and I'm hoping another adjustment will fix me up as I've been in a lot of discomfort all week long.

My ancestry subscription runs out this Saturday so I plan on searching hard before then.  I may even end up renewing for another month although heaven knows, I certainly have other projects that I could be working on too.

Hunter got his picture in the PA paper on Sunday. Along with several others, he talked in front of the Rotary at a special breakfast for top students.  Maddie was there too as they both carry 4.0 grade averages.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Just a short one tonight 'cause "Call the midwives" is coming on in less than an hour.
I went over to Jenni's for supper. Man, I love eating food other people have fixed. Always tastes so much better.  We had turkey tacos and one of the ingredients inside was this cucumber type salad with salsa.  Delicious! I had a beer and that tasted great too!

Decided I wanted to get a couple pictures of me wearing my wig (that doesn't fit that good) and then another not wearing the wig.  Both look like hell.  Gotta buy another wig.

I had Jenni take a picture of me and Maddie's hands as we each had a charm bracelet on.  What a stupid plan that was!  Like I needed a visual reminder that my hands look old and well....ugly!
After I got home, I realized I had left my camera so I had to go back.  Hunter used the opportunity to take 25  pictures with my camera before I got there.  Stupid pictures!  I deleted them all except two that I'm keeping to remind him of how he was at age 13.  One is giving me the finger with a very purple tongue sticking out.  The other has him mooning me!  Good Lord!  13-year-old boys are so gross.   I should post the moon picture anyhow just to teach him a lesson.  But I won't. Here's one of his more entertaining shots. (and this from a kid who gets straight A's!)

Here's a picture of a log design him and his girlfriend made last summer.  I think it's kinda neat.

I rode around town for a few minutes to take some pictures here and there. I'm going to have to invest in a better camera soon.  I've got dirt inside the lens and often get a big black spot where I don't want it.
Here's a large tree on 8th St that I often pass on my way downtown.

Here's the bowling alley (same place I bowled when I was in college in 1961) and the bank nearby that is where Jenni works now.

This last picture was taken on "Jenni's side" of the tree area they're clearing.  You can see the roofs of my neighborhood now.
Gotta give the house a good vacuuming now. Carpet cleaners are coming at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Earth Day

Andy, Mary, and Jake just finished a 5-K at Alki Beach in Seattle.  And I just finished grocery shopping.

Stopped at Red Box to get Philomena. Stopped at Albertsons to get a Hawaiian pizza.  Rains have started but I don't care.

Saturday Morning in April

It's 7:45 a.m. and I've been up for an hour and a half already.  Dishes are soaking in the sink (just couldn't get  in the mood last night to clean the kitchen) and now I'm sitting here at the kitchen table looking out the window and wondering how long before the rains arrive.  It sure got nice outside yesterday.  I finally gave in and decided to go out and start weeding a bit.  Figured if I went slow and didn't try to do too much, I'd be fine.  And I was -- sorta.   I have a couple of shower stools that have become my garden stools.  One is higher than the other so the short one is a little hard to get up from -- but I've managed so far.  Sometimes I have the higher stool nearby to hold onto.

Aggravates me to be reminded of just how out of shape I am.  I never cared all that much for gardening in my younger years (bingo halls beckoned) but now I love getting out there to play in the dirt but my body is remembering the gambling days  instead and won't cooperate with the bending and stooping involved.  I'm glad I can't video myself because I realize my movements about the yard are pretty indicative of an old lady!   I have to hold onto something to go up and down steps and I have to pay attention to how and where I'm stepping.  I want the spring back in my step but I suppose I'm going to have to settle for a shuffle.  Hmmm....that sounds like a Town Kid blog idea.  I'll have to think on that some more.

Anyhow, I did go into the back yard to work along the fence yesterday.   I could have made better progress had I been able to get down on all fours and really go at it but that wasn't going to happen so I grunted along with my stools and clippers, moaning whenever I had to change position.  Sigh....

I didn't get a lot done but I was determined to give myself a time limit.  As it was, my back gave up and insisted we go inside.  Disheartening to see my before and after pictures of my tulips from last year and today.
                    I did one fence section yesterday but it still doesn't look all that great.
Last year my tulips looked so pretty along the fence.  I'm guessing the slugs got 'em. (even though I used slug bait)

 My beautiful tulip beds of last year and the year before.  So nice.
This year they're all puny looking and hardly any came up at all.  I guess I'll dig up all the bulbs and plant some other flowers.  I assume my bulbs will stay good until I plant them again. Right? I had to spray my two trees again this morning as the caterpillars continue to make nests.  Little buggers!

Here's a picture I took in the alley towards the wooded area they're clearing out. The logs are really stacking up.
And here are four pictures I got in an email or saw on Facebook....

                                                             I just adore this one!

And speaking of's one of the cute guys in my life right now.

And here's five pictures I took off Elaine Arey's Facebook page.  Her and Lee are in South Dakota.

I was thinking about taking in a matinee this afternoon as the previews for Noah looked interesting. After reading a couple reviews, though, I guess I'll save my money and wait for it to come out on video.
I'm going to Jenni's for Easter dinner tomorrow.  Told her I'd bring dessert but I'm already not feeling much like cooking so I guess I'll do it the modern way and go to Safeway to buy it already fixed.  I never used to but things change.

Mary ordered carpet cleaners to come on Monday morning so I've got to see if the twins will come over tomorrow afternoon to help me move some of the furniture.

Here's a picture I saw on Facebook that my niece posted for me.  My mother lives with her in Penn.   She's shorter than me. Has more hair too.  I gave in and got mine cut a couple days ago.  Going to look into finding a wig, I think.  I just know I'd be a knockout if I had some hair.  Ha!

                                                                                  at age 25 & 88                   
Well, I just made up some fresh hummingbird nectar so I think I'll fill their feeders and get my grocery shopping done early. 

Happy Birthday to Sharon Sofie!  Here we are side by side in the second row of third grade.  I'm still in touch with many of these folks.
front row: Dick Pitschka, Betty Green, Marlene Dudleston, Bobby Comas, Sharon Mustatia, Faye Radley, Dave Brown
2nd row:  Gary Henry, me, Sharon, Dorothy Headley, Sandra Tucker, Rich Addie, Bob Barber, Joe Kenney
3rd row: Joyce Cozad, Sharon Lindsey, Georgia?, Allen Bailey, Lew Morello, Dave Brooling, Harry?
4th row: Sherman(Buddy) Good, Virginia Anglin, Linda Scott, Patty Grenbemer, Clarence Potterf, (?), Linda Wilson, (?)

Wouldn't mind having the IDs of the ? people if you have a clue.  

Friday, April 18, 2014

Up Early Today

I tried again last night to convince my body that she'd enjoy a night of sleep in bed instead of in the recliner.  I even sat up in bed to read a while (and I haven't done that in ages).  I was feeling okay so I thought for sure I was going to get to stay put.  But nope.  Within minutes, my shoulders, neck and arms were uncomfortable to the point where I knew I had to switch back to the recliner.  So be it.  At least for now.

Even going to sleep has its own ritual now.  Depending on whether I'm chilly or too warm, I have to have a certain pair of pajamas, have to have my fleece blanket (or my comforter),  have to have water next to the chair, have to have heated rice packs for my shoulders and neck, have to have certain socks on, and now I've added "have to have a heating pad nearby."  Lordy!   How did this happen?

I  woke up at 5:30 and even though I was still plenty tired, I thought I'd try something different today and get up and get moving.  I sleep walked through the house opening blinds, putting away blankets, starting the coffee pot, etc. etc.  I knew I had some genealogy work to do online and I was kind of anxious to get on with it.

I've had so little success finding my great uncle Charlie that I switched gears and went back to my g. grandmother, Jane Downs' side of the family.  I decided to concentrate on her sister, Henrietta Morris, since I have a copy of a letter that Henny wrote her sister in 1896.  Much to my delight, I received a message back from a woman I found on ancestry who was researching this line of my family as well.
We've been emailing and she sent me what data she has on Henrietta (who is her g.g. grandmother)

I got an email from a close friend of my daughter, Mary, who in turn, has a friend that is selling "my old pink house."  She has an offer on the house, and said the realtor would give me a tour before the sale is final if I can get to town before May 5.  Well, I just happen to be going to town on May 4 so I intend to take that tour.  Anybody want to tag along?  Might as well make it worth the realtor's time.

I keep thinking I want to head over to the Deer Park Theatre this weekend to catch a matinee.  I'll  have to read the reviews first, though.  Going to the movies is hard on my budget unless I'm definitely entertained.  Want to see Noah.

I started reading a book my James Michener last night.  A memoir called "The world is my home."  What little I've read so far has held my interest.

Oh dear, I've done nothing but yawn for the last hour.  I know what that means.  Another nap on the agenda.  Sigh.....

Pictures for the day: